Packing Ahead

The morning got off to a semi-early start, with my alarm going off at 6:15 and me actually rolling out of bed at 6:37. It’s so funny how I always remember the exact time that I wake up. Got dressed and hit the gym. I knew I wanted to do around 3 miles today, so before I left I popped on my google reader and saw that Julie posted this sweaty interval workout. Since I didn’t have a plan already I just followed hers. It was prettttyyy sweaty!

Heres the Workout!

It was exactly 2.9 miles and then I jogged for another quarter of a mile to give me a total of 3.25. Then I did a few leg exercises and stretched for 10 minutes.

Jetted home, put on some coffee and grabbed a hot shower. Sat down and enjoyed my breakfast while paroozing the interwebs and listening to the news. 

Breakfast was a delicious bowl of overnight oats!


1/4 c oats & almond milk. 2 spoonsfuls of NF vanilla yogurt, a spoon of barney butter & crofters with 4 chopped strawberries.

Of course there were multiple (2.5) cups of coffee consumed.


Then I moved on to O.Chem homework that was due today.  This is what I do, and how the inside of my brain feels!


Crazy and messy!

Then I packed my lunch, snack and dinner for the night since I have lab followed by work. 


Lunch– apple & 6 honey wheat pretzel sticks with a goat cheese medallion (which I’m eating as I write this out).


Snack- I just threw about 6 almonds and some craisins with chocolate chips in a box to get me from school to work until my break at 8pm


Dinner- salad with red pepper & leftover chinese green beans, some leftover salmon and a strawberry for dessert. I just realized I forgot dressing AND a fork! Image

I’m already really tired before lab, and all this sitting is making my butt fat and sore! Does anyone else ever get that from sitting for so long? I try to move around and sit in different positions, but still! Commuting doesn’t help much either.

Goal today is to not eat anything extra than what I packed or snack when I get off work!


Lunes y Martes

Monday I didn’t feel well at all, it felt like the worst day of my sickness. I didn’t have school or work today, but had lots of homework to do. Deciding early on that it was going to be a rest day I went for 3 mile reading walk and came home to breakfast.

Tjs Honey Greek Yogurt, blackberries, cinnamon and 1/4c kashi heart to heart cereal.

Had a cup of coffee and some green tea, did some things around the house and then headed over to the coffee shop to do some more work. Had a green tea and then an iced tea later while studying.

Just trying to soothe my throat

While I sipped on various teas I had a snack while reading some Stereochemistry. Fun stuff! (not!)

Some trail mix nuts to sustain me til lunch when I had some Marys Gone Crackers and homemade hummus.

Since we didn’t have any chicken soup at home and was seriously in need of it I stopped at Walmart to pick this up.

Never tried this style before, but it tasted pretty good. Nutritionally not too shabby either. No noodles, but I didn’t seem to mind since it was fun to eat all the little rice. Had about two bowls.

Dinner was followed by, what else, more studying. Luckily moms provided a study snack since she was making carmel corn for her boss. Nothing tastes better than freshly popped popcorn in the pan.

Took some medicine to help me sleep and woke up feeling a tad better. So much so that I woke up early and hit the gym for 3 easy miles followed by a quick circuit. After coming home to shower I treated myself to breakfast.

Green tea to start followed by..

The first half of my TJs whole grain english muffing topped with TJs pumpkin butter. I kept on the study train completing my homework and ate the 2nd half of my breakfast.

The other half of my muffin topped with barney butter and crofters asia preserves.

After lecture I sat to do more work and noshed on 1/4C Kashi cereal as a snack with some blackberries.

So plump and juicy!

Then had a laboratory workshop where I stayed until I had to head to work. On the drive there I had an orange and some beanitos chips!

Work was work, but went by fast and pretty seamlessly. During my break I had dinner in which I had a leftover turkey taco with a sprinkle of cheese, loads of lettuce and some salsa.


That taco was SO good. After paroozing facebook on my break I headed over to Target in search of something I saw on my friends page. Lo and behold the holy grail of cheerios!!!

Apparently God heard my prayers when I asked him to put peanut butter in everything. I couldn’t wait to taste them and ripped the box open as soon as the checker swiped them over the scanner. Freakin’ fantastic.

It’s the Freakin’ Weekend w(R)ap-up

We woke up early on Saturday to go on a decent hike. But before leaving we of course had to fuel up. I had half an english muffin with Barney Butter and crofters, while he had some peanut butter toast. I say we went about 4 miles or so with a steady steep incline. Since the weather has been lovely the place was really busy! There was a lot of foot traffic but we made it up and back in good time.

After our hike I snuck him in to my gym to take the yoga class I attend every Saturday. It was much needed after our hike and left me on a high for the rest of the afternoon. I had been craving lox from the citys ferry building for a few days and lo and behold when I arrived home there was smoked salmon in my fridge! I quickly toasted it, cut up an onion and spread that puppy with organic low fat whipped cream cheese for a nice little pre-work lunch.

Then I had a busy night at work where I ate some trail mix, cinnamon apple slices, salad and barley with chicken.

Since I was so tired from work I got to bed at a somewhat reasonable hour in prep to be up early the next day to work out and prep for a picnic!

Sunday morning I arose and immediately hit the gym for a 6.5 mile run, some light weights and 10 minutes on the elliptical. Went to the farmers market after in search of some goodies but there was slim pickin’s and nothing seem to entice me. Although, my favorite on site dumpling food  pop up was there! Surprise Surprise! Happy Dumpling seriously has the best dumplings ever. They make them on site and cook them right there. The man who works the front of the booth is very friendly and treated me to a free dumpling because I was unsure if they were the same people I have visited at other markets in the past. One taste and I knew they were the real deal! I can’t wait to go back next week and get more.

Arriving home I prepped for the picnic and got ready. We ended up at the Japanese tea gardens downtown where we found a nice rock to sit upon, since apparently grass sitting is forbidden.

blackberries, blueberries, hummus, toasted foccacia, herbed goat cheese, tomato basil salad, apple slices, white wine and an orange that didn’t get eaten 🙂

Yummy Goat Cheese!

Excuse the terrible nails…thanks gel manicure.  This was the ultimate bite! Toast+goat cheese+tomato,basil & balsamic.

After our picnic I drove home while mystery manfriend went to work. I spent the rest of the evening procrastinating chores and homework distracting myself with the Oscars and hanging out with my best friend for a few hours.

Center Stage

Friday came and went as quickly as it’s warm weather. Waking up early to get in some last minute studying before my exam (which didn’t seem to help in retrospect) I devoured some oatmeal on the drive to school, since there’s no food or drinks allowed in lab.

1/4c overnight oats,yog,almond milk + 2 strawberries & blackberries with metled Barney Butter and crofters jam.

After plowing through those oats, a cup of coffee and my 2 quizzes it was time to enjoy a gorgeously clear day.

From my school you can see the entire bay end to end! Please excuse the smudge mark on my lens, clearly I take care of my camera. Before an impromptu meeting with mystery manfriend, I hit the gym for 5-6 miles with some light weights to follow. Then met him for coffee at a nice local beanery. It was just an exceptional day to be outside and enjoy the sun. After ordering ice coffees, sharing an orange and chit-chatting on the patio we ventured on foot around the area only to discover and empty outdoor theatre on a community college campus; enjoying the breathtaking fews and unexpected warm weather.

On the way back from our walk we stopped at a local sandwich deli to grab a bite. I sneaked a few bites of his salami and turkey sandwich with sprouts,lettuce, tomato, cheese and onion while munching a few sour cream and onion baked lays. Parting ways I headed home to take care of somethings and take a walk with the dog anticipating his return later that evening.

Sandwiches are one of my top 5 favorite foods, so it’s no surprise that I had one for dinner as well!

tiny but of leftover chicken with hot n sweet mustard, sweet peppers & lettuce on WW sandwich thin. With 1/2 pickle and some beanitos chips on the side. H2O to drink of course!

Watched some DVRd TV and got to sleep at a reasonable hour (since I have been sick) in preparation for Saturdays morning adventures!

In Continuation

After being completely lost in my O.Chem class on the subject of Stereochemistry, I  ate a cutie on the way over to the yoga studio.

Because I was so tight and tires from the previous days long run, I decided not to really work out and take it as an off day. Once I got to the studio I did my cleaning duties and had some time to kill before class. With the studio all to myself, I blared a wide variety of Pandora radio stations on my iPod and did a bunch of circuit moves and even suicide  runs across the studio. It actually felt pretty good to move and got my muscles going in prep for class as well as loosening them up from the day before. Then I sat down to have a snack before class and get some reading done, but not before I lifted a little bit of weight!

Then it was snack time.

cleamentine, laughing cow,beanitos,marys gone crackers

Yes, I am aware I was listening to Will Smith. After a nice, full, sweaty class I headed home to walk the dog for 30 minutes. Then it was dinner time and Jeopardy time! Every time I’m home around dinner time, my family and I always watch it.

spinach&romaine salad with red pepper. Barley with a jalepeno&cilantro sauce with a piece of chicken and taste of mexican rice.

After dinner I set out to study my butt off for my quiz the next morning.

Oh the life of a Chem student.

Ideal Oatmeal

After staying the night and getting up really early this morning, my calves are so SO SO sore from yesterdays run. I originally wanted to hit the gym on the way home and beat the crowd, but decided it would be best to take this as a rest day.

Stopped at Safeway on the way home for some greek yogurt but they did not have my brand so I made my way to the magazine isle to parooze. In doing so apparently I set my keys down and lost them! After having a 5 min. freakout at 730am in an empty Safeway, I went to the register and they had them! Very thankful for the lady in the magazine isle who bought the Martha magazine for turning them in.

Got home and went for a 3 mile reading walk on a gorgeous and warm (so weird) February morning.

Back at home I did some online business and finished up my homework. Did a bit of O.Chem reading and then decided to make breakfast.

After having some green tea I made oatmeal so I could finish my fruit before it spoiled. I finally made them really well! I hardly EVER make warm oatmeal because I prefer overnight oats and usually let the oatmeal get to dry. Not today! I stopped cooking at just the right consistency and added some Barney Butter and Crofters Jam and strawbs. Perfecto!

1/4c oats,almond milk, h2o, 1tbsp almond butter & crofters jam, 2 strawberries.

Complete with some H2O and then I made a cup of french pressed coffee with 2tsp sugar.

I’m hoping my energy picks up today as I’m still feeling that my face got ran over by a truck. Off to school soon, hopefully a walk and yoga to follow!

Rufflin’ Some Feathers.

I ended up hitting the gym feeling pretty motivated. Writing that last post let me get a lot off my chest that I was holding on to. Wearing my only pair of Nike Tempo shorts and my long sleeve tech T I hoped on the dreadmill. Whether it was the yoga in the morning or the cathartic entry earlier, I started running and felt incredible. I felt like I could run forever, and I kinda did. I ran 10 miles! Followed with a .50 mile walking cool down and some MUCH needed stretching.

A hot and sweaty mess. I felt real good right afterwards and downed a decent amount of water. Came home and grabbed a shower and forced myself to eat a banana with some Barney Butter and 2 Beanitos chips (not pictured) for some K+/Na- replenishment.

Then did this for about 20 minutes.

Had to get rid of some of that lactic acid! My calves were/are SO sore and right above my acheiles too. In fear of dehydration I consumed some more water and a cup of tea while doing homework before a night out.

lipton tea with 2tsp sugar

Then after getting some homework done it was time for dinner. I was pressed for time and quickly threw together a taco that my mom made for dinner. Quick and easy and real food!

TJs taco shell, ground turkey, <1.0 oz. shredded cheddar, lettuce, tiny bit of avocado and some salsa.

After dinner I headed out to see my new manfriends brother and friends do some standup comedy at an ametatuer night. The place was nice and filled with family and friends in tow to cheer on the performers. It was an interesting night of comedy to say the least, but I am proud of them for having the balls to do something like that. I doubt that I could get up on stage and talk under spotlights, so kudos to them.

Since there was a 2 item minimum I had one glass of white wine and a glass of water while munching about a cups worth of popcorn that the table shared.

All in all it was a nice day, still feeling sick and congested which throws my brain and balance off. What can I say, I’m affected in weird ways. Stayed the night and got up around 6am because someone has class at 730am. Initially waking up that early totally blows, but I really do enjoy being up that early in the long run.