2nd Time Around

It’s never to late to do something, whatever it may be, for the second time around. I’ve been wanting to/thinking about/procrastinating starting this blog up again. I really want to write, but I’m my own worst enemy in this case. To me, a blank page is one of the most daunting things to come across.

So whether it be a few posts a week, once a week, once a day for a week straight, lets play this thing by ear. The feeling of not HAVING to do something at a certain time or schedule is something I’m working on and I think a few posts here and there is a good start. I was also hesitant to start this back up because I didn’t want it to rule my life, I didn’t want something that is not tangible to take precedence over my real life. Not that what I put down here isn’t real or true, I just wouldn’t want this blog to be the sole focus and purpose of my life. Although I do love connecting, networking and making friends via the blogosphere.

I’m hoping to come up with my own type of schedule and focus. Trying to feel this puppy out and see what we can make of her yet again. I have a few ideas, but with me the hard thing is actually following through. I guess you could say I have a commitment problem (men scurrying away everywhere!).


I have some goals. I have some ideas. A couple thoughts and maybe some puns.



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