Quizzly Quizzes

Friday started early at 6am. I got up and had myself some H2O and green tea while I got to studying for my 9am O.Chem quiz. Then I made some coffee and tried to cram as many alkene reactions into my almond shaped head as I could.

On the drive to school I ate my breakfast, some overnight oats!

1/4c oats & almond milk. 1 spoon plain greek yogurt, dash of vanilla, barney butter, crofters and 4 chopped strawberries.

This is how I drive to school. Mutli-tasking, it’s a special skill.

After my 2 quizzes (one went well, the other? Not so much) I had to finish a banana oil synthesis distillation and calculations. It took a lot longer than I thought and I didn’t get out of class until after 12. Luckily I packed some trail mix snackage for the drive to the gym.

6 almonds, 7 cashews, tbsp craisins and chocolate chips.

Once at the gym I did a 6.5mi run, 10 minutes on the bike and 15 minutes of legs & shoulders on the machines. Then I walked over to Victorias Secret to pick up my free panties. I love that they keep sending me these! It’s the only way this broke college student gets new underwear. After picking up my free goodie, I stopped at a 7-11 to buy two lotto tickets for the big drawing. Obviously I didn’t win, but I got 1 number right and was one away from the mega!

I arrived home around 3 or so and threw together a quick lunch.

grapes, marys gone crackers & TJs goat cheese medallion with some ice H2O.

Gotta have a little bit of sweetness…

Then I took the pup for a walk and hopped in the shower. Ran some errands and picked up these on the way to a friends going away party.

Oh no I DIDN’T! I rarely buy fast food but I had to try the new sweet potato tater tots from sonic. So I snagged these and headed over only to discover this upon my arrival….

THEY WERE REGULAR TOTS! I was SO disappointed! I was even more bummed because they didn’t give me a receipt and kept my penny in change without even offering me it back for my change. Now I know it’s a penny, and of course I was going to say keep it but you’re supposed to give me my change; otherwise that’s stealing. Plus, no receipt?! So I called the restaurant and told them my story very nicely and they couldn’t have handled it better. I told Joe, the manager what happened and he offered two solutions. I chose option A. He put my name on a list and I can come by anytime and receive a large sweet potato tater tot on the house. I kind of feel silly, but hey! I wan’t to try them!

Said goodbye to a friend as she ventures out into uncharted territory on a new adventure while mingling with some friendly people. One of them offered me one of these! They’re Ginger Altoids! So good and very very strong. Love them! Now I have to hunt some down.

Once I got home a polished off 3/4 of this leftover chicken burrito brought home by my mom the other night. Instead of sour cream I used my plain greek yogurt I picked up. Such a good substitution!

Then hung out for a while, ate half of a homemade chocolate chip cookie that was leftover from the other night and hit the sack in prep for an early saturday morning.


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One Response to Quizzly Quizzes

  1. bananaoats says:

    Ohhhh! My boyfriend and I saw an add for those sonic tots late one Saturday night and I was ready to get in the car and get some!

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