On the Move Thursday

Thursday started out with a long walk in the early morning followed by a few household duties. Then on to some breakfast and study time at the table.

whole wheat bagel with light organic whipped cream cheese and 2 cups of coffee!

Thursday was just a rough day. I felt completely out of it and could not get myself out of a funk. I could barely pay attention in class but tried my hardest to try and focus. During class I munched on some almonds, cashews and craisins and a few chocolate bits.

After class I tried to clear my head with a 45 minute walk along the bayshore before heading to the yoga studio to clean and go to class. On the drive over I had an apple and about 5 marys gone crackers.

:crunch crunch crunch:

After a sweaty yoga session I drove home and took the dog for a walk, still in a funk but it was nice out so why not be outside. I did have a moment where I snapped out of it for an hour. We ran into a couple nearby who had just gotten a  chocolate lab puppy who they wanted to show off and introduce to Kodi. They and there puppy Resses (how cute!) were very sweet. Honestly, how can you be in a funk when theres a 7 week old pup licking your nose?

Once I got home I showered and cleaned up the kitchen since my brother and father made quite the mess. For dinner I just had the rest of my sushi from the night before and some of the flavored edamame.

After dinner I procrastinated and studied in and out the rest of the night in preparation for my quizzes the next morning. But of course I had a bit of dessert before hitting the sheets.

I like to think chocolate unleashes my brainpower!


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