Academy of Science!

Yesterday was such a lovely day. It all started with a 6:30 wake up call and hitting the gym by 7am. BC and I proceeded to do our own workouts until 8:30. I completed 5.5 miles on the treadmill with negative splits then cooled down with a .75 mile walk and 10 minutes of biking. Then about 10 minutes of free weights including a set of 21’s and a few squats. 

Then we came home to rinse off and have breakfast and coffee. Breakfast was a repeat from the day before so excuse the recycled picture!


1/4C oats, almond milk and 2 spoons of NF Vanilla Yogurt. 1 tbsp Barney butter and Crofters jam with 4 strawberries.


After showering and watching the Price is Right, we headed to the city for some learning fun. We went to the Academy of Sciences, a place he hasn’t been since he was a kid. It had since been remolded a few years back and some really neat exhibits.

First we checked out the rainforest bio-dome complete with high temperatures and humidity. Felt like I was in Flo-Rida.


There were butterflies floating around everywhere, some even landed on people. This little guy took a break on the floor and let me get some close ups of his beautiful wings.


This little frog was so cool!



Then the elevator took us down to the aquarium which was really neat. This is where they had a new exhibit about reproduction and lots of interesting facts about different species mating techniques. At this point I was feeling a bit tuckered and tired from this mornings workout and possible dehydration, so I snacked on a few almonds and cashews I packed and sipped some water.


Then we wandered and watched the dissection of a tiny bird which was both awesome and disgusting at the same time. Then we took the elevator up to the living roof! It looks really neat from far away and is environmentally stable, but honestly it just looks like CA weeds.


After the museum we were pretty hungry so we decided to get Sushi nearby. I know the owners son through a friend and they own one of the best sushi restaurants in town: Ebisu Sushi. It was around 4 so we had some time to kill so we decided to wander around and walk to the restaurant. But not before cupcaking in front of a fountain 🙂


The restaurant opened at 5pm and we got there shortly after. After saying hello to the owner she was nice enough to send over a complimentary appetizer of 3 types of edamame. Since we did not eat lunch we were starving and dover right into these. There were garlic, spicy and plain. All were delicious!


After much deliberating and hym-ing and haw-ing over the menu I ordered a miso soup to start and a 49er roll. 


The 49er roll was salmon, lemon, crab and avocado with roe. I absolutely LOVE salmon and lemon together! I had 3 or 4 pcs.


He ordered a salmon and scallop roll which called romeo and juliet. It was so good and soft and had a great texture. I had 1 pc.


He also ordered a bowl of Udon witch lots of veggies, some chicken, fishcake and egg. The bowl was absolutely massive!Image

He was nice enough to share some so I could have a taste. The broth was so flavorful from all the ingredients and warmed me to the core on a overcast evening. 


After stuffing ourselves with amazing food we walked back to the car to make the trek back home. Tired from a day full of science and walking we collapsed into bed to watch the season finale of Whitney! I’ve seen every episode and it has become one of my favorite shows. Still on the fence about how they ended the season, but in retrospect it is very “them”. 

At the same time my mother was making chocolate chip cookies for my brothers class on Friday and was nice enough to share a spoonful of cookie dough and cookie with us. The perfect nightcap before I proceeded to pass out from a long day.





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