Packing Ahead

The morning got off to a semi-early start, with my alarm going off at 6:15 and me actually rolling out of bed at 6:37. It’s so funny how I always remember the exact time that I wake up. Got dressed and hit the gym. I knew I wanted to do around 3 miles today, so before I left I popped on my google reader and saw that Julie posted this sweaty interval workout. Since I didn’t have a plan already I just followed hers. It was prettttyyy sweaty!

Heres the Workout!

It was exactly 2.9 miles and then I jogged for another quarter of a mile to give me a total of 3.25. Then I did a few leg exercises and stretched for 10 minutes.

Jetted home, put on some coffee and grabbed a hot shower. Sat down and enjoyed my breakfast while paroozing the interwebs and listening to the news. 

Breakfast was a delicious bowl of overnight oats!


1/4 c oats & almond milk. 2 spoonsfuls of NF vanilla yogurt, a spoon of barney butter & crofters with 4 chopped strawberries.

Of course there were multiple (2.5) cups of coffee consumed.


Then I moved on to O.Chem homework that was due today.  This is what I do, and how the inside of my brain feels!


Crazy and messy!

Then I packed my lunch, snack and dinner for the night since I have lab followed by work. 


Lunch– apple & 6 honey wheat pretzel sticks with a goat cheese medallion (which I’m eating as I write this out).


Snack- I just threw about 6 almonds and some craisins with chocolate chips in a box to get me from school to work until my break at 8pm


Dinner- salad with red pepper & leftover chinese green beans, some leftover salmon and a strawberry for dessert. I just realized I forgot dressing AND a fork! Image

I’m already really tired before lab, and all this sitting is making my butt fat and sore! Does anyone else ever get that from sitting for so long? I try to move around and sit in different positions, but still! Commuting doesn’t help much either.

Goal today is to not eat anything extra than what I packed or snack when I get off work!



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