Lunes y Martes

Monday I didn’t feel well at all, it felt like the worst day of my sickness. I didn’t have school or work today, but had lots of homework to do. Deciding early on that it was going to be a rest day I went for 3 mile reading walk and came home to breakfast.

Tjs Honey Greek Yogurt, blackberries, cinnamon and 1/4c kashi heart to heart cereal.

Had a cup of coffee and some green tea, did some things around the house and then headed over to the coffee shop to do some more work. Had a green tea and then an iced tea later while studying.

Just trying to soothe my throat

While I sipped on various teas I had a snack while reading some Stereochemistry. Fun stuff! (not!)

Some trail mix nuts to sustain me til lunch when I had some Marys Gone Crackers and homemade hummus.

Since we didn’t have any chicken soup at home and was seriously in need of it I stopped at Walmart to pick this up.

Never tried this style before, but it tasted pretty good. Nutritionally not too shabby either. No noodles, but I didn’t seem to mind since it was fun to eat all the little rice. Had about two bowls.

Dinner was followed by, what else, more studying. Luckily moms provided a study snack since she was making carmel corn for her boss. Nothing tastes better than freshly popped popcorn in the pan.

Took some medicine to help me sleep and woke up feeling a tad better. So much so that I woke up early and hit the gym for 3 easy miles followed by a quick circuit. After coming home to shower I treated myself to breakfast.

Green tea to start followed by..

The first half of my TJs whole grain english muffing topped with TJs pumpkin butter. I kept on the study train completing my homework and ate the 2nd half of my breakfast.

The other half of my muffin topped with barney butter and crofters asia preserves.

After lecture I sat to do more work and noshed on 1/4C Kashi cereal as a snack with some blackberries.

So plump and juicy!

Then had a laboratory workshop where I stayed until I had to head to work. On the drive there I had an orange and some beanitos chips!

Work was work, but went by fast and pretty seamlessly. During my break I had dinner in which I had a leftover turkey taco with a sprinkle of cheese, loads of lettuce and some salsa.


That taco was SO good. After paroozing facebook on my break I headed over to Target in search of something I saw on my friends page. Lo and behold the holy grail of cheerios!!!

Apparently God heard my prayers when I asked him to put peanut butter in everything. I couldn’t wait to taste them and ripped the box open as soon as the checker swiped them over the scanner. Freakin’ fantastic.


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