It’s the Freakin’ Weekend w(R)ap-up

We woke up early on Saturday to go on a decent hike. But before leaving we of course had to fuel up. I had half an english muffin with Barney Butter and crofters, while he had some peanut butter toast. I say we went about 4 miles or so with a steady steep incline. Since the weather has been lovely the place was really busy! There was a lot of foot traffic but we made it up and back in good time.

After our hike I snuck him in to my gym to take the yoga class I attend every Saturday. It was much needed after our hike and left me on a high for the rest of the afternoon. I had been craving lox from the citys ferry building for a few days and lo and behold when I arrived home there was smoked salmon in my fridge! I quickly toasted it, cut up an onion and spread that puppy with organic low fat whipped cream cheese for a nice little pre-work lunch.

Then I had a busy night at work where I ate some trail mix, cinnamon apple slices, salad and barley with chicken.

Since I was so tired from work I got to bed at a somewhat reasonable hour in prep to be up early the next day to work out and prep for a picnic!

Sunday morning I arose and immediately hit the gym for a 6.5 mile run, some light weights and 10 minutes on the elliptical. Went to the farmers market after in search of some goodies but there was slim pickin’s and nothing seem to entice me. Although, my favorite on site dumpling food  pop up was there! Surprise Surprise! Happy Dumpling seriously has the best dumplings ever. They make them on site and cook them right there. The man who works the front of the booth is very friendly and treated me to a free dumpling because I was unsure if they were the same people I have visited at other markets in the past. One taste and I knew they were the real deal! I can’t wait to go back next week and get more.

Arriving home I prepped for the picnic and got ready. We ended up at the Japanese tea gardens downtown where we found a nice rock to sit upon, since apparently grass sitting is forbidden.

blackberries, blueberries, hummus, toasted foccacia, herbed goat cheese, tomato basil salad, apple slices, white wine and an orange that didn’t get eaten 🙂

Yummy Goat Cheese!

Excuse the terrible nails…thanks gel manicure.  This was the ultimate bite! Toast+goat cheese+tomato,basil & balsamic.

After our picnic I drove home while mystery manfriend went to work. I spent the rest of the evening procrastinating chores and homework distracting myself with the Oscars and hanging out with my best friend for a few hours.


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