In Continuation

After being completely lost in my O.Chem class on the subject of Stereochemistry, I  ate a cutie on the way over to the yoga studio.

Because I was so tight and tires from the previous days long run, I decided not to really work out and take it as an off day. Once I got to the studio I did my cleaning duties and had some time to kill before class. With the studio all to myself, I blared a wide variety of Pandora radio stations on my iPod and did a bunch of circuit moves and even suicide  runs across the studio. It actually felt pretty good to move and got my muscles going in prep for class as well as loosening them up from the day before. Then I sat down to have a snack before class and get some reading done, but not before I lifted a little bit of weight!

Then it was snack time.

cleamentine, laughing cow,beanitos,marys gone crackers

Yes, I am aware I was listening to Will Smith. After a nice, full, sweaty class I headed home to walk the dog for 30 minutes. Then it was dinner time and Jeopardy time! Every time I’m home around dinner time, my family and I always watch it.

spinach&romaine salad with red pepper. Barley with a jalepeno&cilantro sauce with a piece of chicken and taste of mexican rice.

After dinner I set out to study my butt off for my quiz the next morning.

Oh the life of a Chem student.


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