Center Stage

Friday came and went as quickly as it’s warm weather. Waking up early to get in some last minute studying before my exam (which didn’t seem to help in retrospect) I devoured some oatmeal on the drive to school, since there’s no food or drinks allowed in lab.

1/4c overnight oats,yog,almond milk + 2 strawberries & blackberries with metled Barney Butter and crofters jam.

After plowing through those oats, a cup of coffee and my 2 quizzes it was time to enjoy a gorgeously clear day.

From my school you can see the entire bay end to end! Please excuse the smudge mark on my lens, clearly I take care of my camera. Before an impromptu meeting with mystery manfriend, I hit the gym for 5-6 miles with some light weights to follow. Then met him for coffee at a nice local beanery. It was just an exceptional day to be outside and enjoy the sun. After ordering ice coffees, sharing an orange and chit-chatting on the patio we ventured on foot around the area only to discover and empty outdoor theatre on a community college campus; enjoying the breathtaking fews and unexpected warm weather.

On the way back from our walk we stopped at a local sandwich deli to grab a bite. I sneaked a few bites of his salami and turkey sandwich with sprouts,lettuce, tomato, cheese and onion while munching a few sour cream and onion baked lays. Parting ways I headed home to take care of somethings and take a walk with the dog anticipating his return later that evening.

Sandwiches are one of my top 5 favorite foods, so it’s no surprise that I had one for dinner as well!

tiny but of leftover chicken with hot n sweet mustard, sweet peppers & lettuce on WW sandwich thin. With 1/2 pickle and some beanitos chips on the side. H2O to drink of course!

Watched some DVRd TV and got to sleep at a reasonable hour (since I have been sick) in preparation for Saturdays morning adventures!


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