Rufflin’ Some Feathers.

I ended up hitting the gym feeling pretty motivated. Writing that last post let me get a lot off my chest that I was holding on to. Wearing my only pair of Nike Tempo shorts and my long sleeve tech T I hoped on the dreadmill. Whether it was the yoga in the morning or the cathartic entry earlier, I started running and felt incredible. I felt like I could run forever, and I kinda did. I ran 10 miles! Followed with a .50 mile walking cool down and some MUCH needed stretching.

A hot and sweaty mess. I felt real good right afterwards and downed a decent amount of water. Came home and grabbed a shower and forced myself to eat a banana with some Barney Butter and 2 Beanitos chips (not pictured) for some K+/Na- replenishment.

Then did this for about 20 minutes.

Had to get rid of some of that lactic acid! My calves were/are SO sore and right above my acheiles too. In fear of dehydration I consumed some more water and a cup of tea while doing homework before a night out.

lipton tea with 2tsp sugar

Then after getting some homework done it was time for dinner. I was pressed for time and quickly threw together a taco that my mom made for dinner. Quick and easy and real food!

TJs taco shell, ground turkey, <1.0 oz. shredded cheddar, lettuce, tiny bit of avocado and some salsa.

After dinner I headed out to see my new manfriends brother and friends do some standup comedy at an ametatuer night. The place was nice and filled with family and friends in tow to cheer on the performers. It was an interesting night of comedy to say the least, but I am proud of them for having the balls to do something like that. I doubt that I could get up on stage and talk under spotlights, so kudos to them.

Since there was a 2 item minimum I had one glass of white wine and a glass of water while munching about a cups worth of popcorn that the table shared.

All in all it was a nice day, still feeling sick and congested which throws my brain and balance off. What can I say, I’m affected in weird ways. Stayed the night and got up around 6am because someone has class at 730am. Initially waking up that early totally blows, but I really do enjoy being up that early in the long run.


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