Ideal Oatmeal

After staying the night and getting up really early this morning, my calves are so SO SO sore from yesterdays run. I originally wanted to hit the gym on the way home and beat the crowd, but decided it would be best to take this as a rest day.

Stopped at Safeway on the way home for some greek yogurt but they did not have my brand so I made my way to the magazine isle to parooze. In doing so apparently I set my keys down and lost them! After having a 5 min. freakout at 730am in an empty Safeway, I went to the register and they had them! Very thankful for the lady in the magazine isle who bought the Martha magazine for turning them in.

Got home and went for a 3 mile reading walk on a gorgeous and warm (so weird) February morning.

Back at home I did some online business and finished up my homework. Did a bit of O.Chem reading and then decided to make breakfast.

After having some green tea I made oatmeal so I could finish my fruit before it spoiled. I finally made them really well! I hardly EVER make warm oatmeal because I prefer overnight oats and usually let the oatmeal get to dry. Not today! I stopped cooking at just the right consistency and added some Barney Butter and Crofters Jam and strawbs. Perfecto!

1/4c oats,almond milk, h2o, 1tbsp almond butter & crofters jam, 2 strawberries.

Complete with some H2O and then I made a cup of french pressed coffee with 2tsp sugar.

I’m hoping my energy picks up today as I’m still feeling that my face got ran over by a truck. Off to school soon, hopefully a walk and yoga to follow!


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