Starting Over, Yet Again

There are times in ones life where you feel you need to start over. You tell yourself, “oh, I’ll start tomorrow”. The cycle continues for days and days, and days. These days turn into weeks, weeks to months, and before you know it you’ve lost all control in what you originated from.

Over the past months not only have I added almost 10lbs to my frame, but have been careless with my health and the choices I have made. They way I have felt and the way I look now are all reprucussions of these poor choices. Sometimes we can go on and on thinking we can change ourselves, but we just keep putting it off. I have been putting this off for a year to long. It’s time to regain control of my life, health, and mind. My obsession and disease has just ruled over me for the past year and it has just destroyed my mind, the way I live, and my relationships.

I want to be a normal girl, who fits in her clothes, hangs out with her friends, and does not put food or habits in front of that. Food should not be the focus of life, like it has been in mine for far too long. It’s when I’m left alone, to my own devices where I always falter. I’m hoping that I can find a recluse here and share, vent, and struggle through this only to come out to a bright light at the end of the tunnel.

The name of this blog reminds of what this is all about- chasing a healthy life. Sure there will be ups and downs and triumphs and struggles, but bear with me as I try to find the balance.  With those ups and downs to come, I have to remind myself that good decisions don’t start the next day, they start right after. That picking myself back up and getting back on track is what I need to do.

To kick off this lets get right to it shall we?

Waking up feeling like I got hit by a semi truck in the face, I managed to make it to a 9am hot yoga class. Because my eyes and sinuses feel so terrible I pretty much did the whole class with my eyes closed. Definitely made me work on my balancing poses a lot more.

Had some green tea on the drive home and came home to an empty house. With no yogurt in the fridge or breakfast bread defrosted I decided on eggs and toast for some healthy protein+carb pairing.

2 egg white omelette, red pepper, 3/4c spinach, sprinkle of colby-jack cheese, salsa and a small slice of flax bread with a touch of honey-apple butter from TJs on the corner. 

Complete with a mug full of ice water and 1 cup of coffee from the french press with 2 tsp of sugar.

Now to continue on with this healthy morning, going to hit the gym.


One thought on “Starting Over, Yet Again

  1. runningscientist says:

    That’s just the way life is – we sometimes fall, but its how we get up and proceed from there that matters the most. I hear ya though – lately with life throwing curveballs at me, my regular training schedule, eating habits and work life has been just wrecking havoc on my mindset. One thing leads to another. But here’s the resetting – back to the ol’ training schedule, eating well and living life!

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