Can’t stop Movin’

I really need to stop staying up so late! I went to sleep at 3am, which is somewhat typical now. And really not good for me. I know what I need to do, but its just hard to get there sometimes. I stay up binge eating all night on cookies and leftovers, which I really need to stop doing. I’ve gained 5lbs in 4 months and had developed what looks like a mini beer gut, but I barely drink beer! But I digress, with the new year starting, a new haircut, and possibly new manfriend(?); I’m ready to take on the challenge of myself, and stop putting up a front of who I am to the world. I’m tired of being a fraud and not being an actual representation of myself. These habits do not bind me and they do not make, therefore they can be broken and a balanced lifestyle CAN and WILL be achieved.

Enough of that for now, today was a really nice Sunday! Woke up at a somewhat respectable hour (8am) and hit a hot yoga class at 9am. It was packed! The teacher is new to me, but I thoroughly enjoyed her class and especially her musical choices.

Then I headed immediately home while sippin’ some H2O to devour my overnight oats.

1/4 C oats, NF Vanilla Yogurt & Almond Milk. Drop of Vanilla extract and splash of H2O. Added 12 Blackberries, 2tsp raspberry jam & crunchy barney butter.

Pared it with a cup and a half of my favorite coffee while reading some online news and picking up my room before my big run at 1. I met with my ex-manfriend, whom we remain friends as he is very important with my life and do not feel the need to divulge details of the matter- just know things are ok and good, and we took off along the bay for about a 6 or some mile run. A run with some serious hills! It was nice to catch up, the view was incredible and we had a good time chatting, he might even become a fitness model!

After our run we visited and he took of to do his model thing and I took off home for lunch. I was starving. I had some leftover scrambled eggs with spinach and green onion, a cutie, and 4 marys crackers with whatever I could scrape out of the hummus jar.

I bought this tub this week, I think I’m going to turn into a garbanzo bean.

Then I met one of my closest friends for a walk around 4. We usually do a 3 mile loop but the sun was out and it was a gorgeous day so she suggested we keep going. So we did… 6.6 miles later we finally make it back! We were starving. So I rushed home got a shower and made a sandwich thin pizza.

sandwich thin with prego sauce spinach and probably too much shredded cheese.

Also I had a cup of tea and some more water. And when I arrived back home was ravenous so I had 2 pieces of naan with some of the moms homemade hummus to survive til dinner. Never being one to pass up booze or sweets I am having a little bit of red wine and some chocolate morsals with 2 cinnamon M&Ms, yes, I said CINNAMON M&Ms! (fucking incredible).

Not sure what the rest of the night has in store, but all I know is I’m TIRED and can’t wait til tomorrow! I’m sure some more chocolate chips will make its way into this mouth before the night ends.


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