Yes Indeed I’m Walkin’

After my walkin’ and spinnin’ this morning I headed to class where we went over some more cardiovascular things. Super cool! And the other week in our lab we got to give ourselves EKGs! Anyway, after class I swooped up a magazine and headed to a local reserve to take a walk before the rain was supposed to hit this afternoon. Unfortunately it came a little sooner than expected!


But I got a good mile and a half or so walk in then headed back to the gym to walk for another half hour. Back at the car I had some Joe’s O’s as a snack while rockin’ my new running shoes I got for my birthday last week.

Then since I felt restless I headed back to the gym to walk for 30 more minutes followed by a yoga session in the gyms cardio room. I recently had to cut my membership to my yoga studio due to fund-age,  so I am trying a whole yoga challenge of practicing on my own. Thanks to Peanut Butter Runner for the inspiration to do a 62 day yoga challenge. I’m up for it! I got a good 50 minute session in myself, even if towards the end a guy came in and started doing stair jumps, but I held my zen.

By the time I was done it was WAY passed lunch time so I rushed home and had a few low fat blue corn tortialla chips while polishing off the rest of my hummus. (Notice the awesome yoga sling my mom made for my birthday!)

Then I spent the rest of the night cleaning up my room and rearranging things. None of which were on my to-do list today, but it feels nice to have things somewhat clean. Then it was time for dinner. Moms picked up our favorite super burritos that are about as long as BIG as my hand! So I had a bit of that with a side salad dressed in garlic gold oil and balsamic vinegar.

Now just finished a quick 10 minute yoga stretch sesh and having some chocolate bits.

Off to finish Whitney and hit the sack with some SleepyTime Honey Vanilla tea!


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