A New Leaf

Well well well, look who we have here crawling back to the blog-o-sphere. I have been wanting to re-start this thing for quite some time now, but have been seriously lacking motivation in all aspects of my life lately. Be lucky I got out of bed this morning. Things have changed over the year, including me picking up some not so great eating habits. A whole bag of chocolate chips and a whole breast of fried chicken is not what I used to deem healthy.

So I am back. To get on track. To make a change. To drop those pesky few pounds I put on and gain my confidence and love of life back. I never stopped reading all my favorite blogs, but have been more or a less a creeper reader on my google reader.

Here’s to starting the day off right!

Some coffee(not pictured) H2O in my favorite jar and some overnight oats.

-1/4 C- TJs gluten free oats & NF Vanilla yogurt + some water.

-1tsp raspberry jam and melted barney butter

-11 blackberries

Workout this morning was an hour walk on the treadmill because it was so cold this morning. Alternating incline while reading the rest of my Fitness magazine followed by 10 minutes on the spin bike. I gained inspiration from a friend of mine who did a spin class and have since been on the bike the past two days. They did a whole class and I did ten minutes and was exhausted!

Gotta jet to school!

Let the documentation and commenting commence!


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