Allow Me to Reintroduce Myself

My name is Casey.

Sorry for the long and drawn out absence. I just was not in the right mental state to be “out-there”.  But over the weeks I’ve been gone from the blogosphere I’ve realized how much I’ve missed it. I’ve missed reading everyone’s entries, writing, and taking pictures of my food and life. Even my boyfriend has been asked “don’t you want a picture of this?”. When I initially went no hiatus I just shrugged, but when we were out for pizza the other night I brought out my camera for the first time in weeks.

Honestly, not taking photos of what I ate or did felt good; liberating in a sense. The idea and feeling that I was living my life without the feeling of responsibility to document or report my daily eats and life was great. But in turn, when I read my favorite bloggers I’m reminded and inspired why I started this in the first place. To find that balance in my life. In no way am I perfect or claim to be a saint when it comes to eating, habits, or eating habits. I struggle like the everyday woman. And yeah, to be honest I don’t like my body that much; just like the majority of women. But there ARE days when I love myself and have never felt more alive or proud to be who I am. I’ve always reminded myself that happiness and contentment are fleeting, if they weren’t, life would be pretty boring anyway!

So now that the ball is rolling, there will be a few changed you might see over time. Nothing to be alarmed about; hopefully they are for the better of everyone including myself. Also, another note… in regards to that Marie Claire Article; my heat goes out to us all. Those of us who look to these women for inspiration, ideas, recipes. These women aren’t deranged or eating disordered, but rather documenting their lives to maybe inspire or helping someone else. I know my discovery of Kath’s Blog changed my life. I’ve discovered new foods, ways of cooking, and have realized that it’s the balance that makes one happy. In most part it is the responsibility of the reader to do what they will with the information presented to them. None of the so called “Big Six” (which is a ridiculous name given by the author) claim to give advice or push readers to do anything. They offer suggestions and what works for them. The discovery of this community has changed my life; FOR THE BETTER. So take that Katie Drummond.

Well, now that that’s out of the way a lot of stuff has happened since my disappearance…

  • I quit my job
  • Now working part-time as an assistant
  • Couple concerts
  • Was in a wedding
  • And ran a few races including my FIRST HALF MARATHON (post to follow!)

I’m ready to get this going!

From the light in me, to the light in you.



4 thoughts on “Allow Me to Reintroduce Myself

  1. Natalie says:

    yes i totally relate to you on this post!! i am in LOVE with that picture of you doing yoga in the sunlight! so quintessentially CALIFORNIAN, and you know how much i miss California right now… best place EVER!!

    congrats on running the half marathon!!! and thanks for commenting on my blog! i didn’t know if anyone still read it! haha! i hope you are well =)

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