A lot has been happening as of late in my life. But first, I must thank the boyfriend for writing a great post about his adventures in baking. Well thought out, executed, great pictures, and man oh man was it tasty. It was just like a blackberry cheesecake!

The main change that has been going on is the wedding I was in (which took a lot of time away from this blog), work (again taking time away from the blog) and now, not having a job. Yup, that’s right, even in today’s tough economy I’m crazy enough to quit my steady job in hopes of finding something else. Call me crazy, but I’ve never been happier or more motivated in my life.

But what’s been happening otherwise you ask?

A few weeks ago I traveled a great distance to go to the Crystal Fair! The woman who made my mermaid ring the boyfriend got me was going to be there and I thought I would go and support her. There was so much neat stuff to gawk and oooo and awwww at.

I came away with this raw sapphire and quartz pendant that I absolutely love. I also got a fire agate for the boyfriend to help with tummy issues.

The fair was really small but I was in the downtown area and had the afternoon to myself so I paroozed for hours and hours. While doing said paroozing I came across this awesomely flavored gelato shop! It had my favorite tea as a flavor! Score! Needless to say I sweet talked the guy working there to pretty much let me sample everything.

Tried on clothes at H&M. I liked this dress a lot but it didn’t quite look right. There was some puckering.

Then meandered over to a cooking store where I scored a free cappuchino and saw the most awesome oven mit!

Followed by a Pike roast with cinnamon and some sug.

So boyfriend and I have a SSP (super secret plan) to open a sweet/snack shop someday (hey we can dream!) ANd this woman totally took our idea with bite size cupcakes!

Saw this and it made me think of Kira

Ate a Godiva chocolate sample I got the day before and spent a mass amount of time in Borders picking up a few books

  • veganomics
  • clean food

And checking out Caitlins new book!

Then I shopped at Whole Foods ( aka Mecca) and look what I found on the shelf! Totally bought some!

Grabbed dinner while I was there too because I was completely starving and had plans later with Kira to hit up the wine bar.

I pretty much put the whole salad bar in my little box because I wanted to try everything. First time trying Wheatberries! Don’t worry, there’s spinach and lettuce at the bottom.

I totally loaded up on Larabars and the new flavors!!!

I can’t wait to eat them all.

Now I have to run. I’m at Starbucks and walked here, so I want to make it home before it gets dark! I’ve been sending out resumes all evening! Time for a break 🙂


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