After the hike last Saturday, boyfriend and I went to SF to wander the Museum of Modern Art

There were a lot of neat exhibits and pieces. Usually when I’ve gone some of the halls have been closed, but this time they were ALL open! So it took us a while to make our way through.

I love interactive pieces 🙂

This was a whole wall of a woman who took pictures off flickr of the sun and printed them out.

I usually like natural lighting, but this was cool.

Original Warhol (my favorite) – we used to have this in our house when I was growing up.

This is my favorite painting of all time. The white painting by Rauschenberg. I stared at it for exactly 4:33″.

We found waldo atop a building across the way!

With all the walking we headed to the shopping center to eat. We couldn’t decide on what to eat so we went to Bristol Farms where we got some brown rice california rolls. 2 each please! They wern’t very good, but they sufficed.

It made dew until we reached our final destination. Bi-Rite Creamery. One of the best ice creams in SF/I’ve ever tasted.I actually heard about it from a friend via facebook and she mentioned all the interesting flavors so I just had to go when we were out there.

Apparently there’s always a line.. it’s that goooooood

I pretty much tasted everything before I came to my two scoop conclusion

Lavender Honey & Rincaelas (cinnamon with snickerdoodle)


boyfriend had roasted banana and organic chocolate coconut.


I don’t even really like ice cream but this stuff was amazing. I couldn’t believe all the crazy flavors they had. And all of it is home made in house. No wonder there is always a line out the door. And certainly after the weekend that we had had, it was the perfect ending.


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