Art Wine and Henna

After the bridal shower, the follow day the group that went to the garlic festival attended the Fremont Festival of the Arts (formally the Fremont Art and WINE). Needless to say there was about a bottle split between my friend Matt and I as both our significant others are not really partakers on the drinking front. I poured whatever we didn’t finish into a water bottle and carried a bottle of delicious looking piss around all day.

The festival was a lot of fun! Ran into a bunch of friends and wandered the booths. Saw some really neat stuff too. Such as these paintings!

This one is my favorite as it hits close to home. I wish I could hang it in my room.

Then we spotted this one and the whole consensus of the group was : It’s awesome. I think it’s because of that dope ass owl.

Waiting for Matt and Sara, killing time.

Then I spotted what I had been looking for all summer. Henna (mehndi)! I have been looking for it everywhere I go since summer started. I’ve seen it around but it’s always girls my age or middle aged white women. And I’m like NO, I need an actual indian woman to do this. I had it done at the Festival of India last year and it was amazing. So I found it and was like do whatever you want to me.

She and I talked the whole time while she was working. It was lovely. She does it every Saturday night at an indian restaurant that I want to visit after the wedding. I’m totally getting it done for when I do my 1/2 marathon in October!

I know this sounds crazy, but I would love to have this permanently on my hands 🙂

And just cause I wore one of my favorite dresses. Faux leather white eyelet 🙂

And check out one of my best friends LeftieMiller!

Here’s what it looks like after!

1/2 marathon….and my wedding someday


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