Buffalo Bills

This passed Friday a few of the bridesmaids and I went out to dinner and drinks with the bride at Buffalo Bills. I suggested the place because they have a good scale menu ( options for everyone ) and interesting beers. This was the same place we went to before the Aerosmith concert the week before. I was definitely in the mood for beer considering the day I had at work. They switched our breaks and lunch around, ELIMINATED ALL RADIOS EVEN PERSONAL, and are cracking down on food. It feels like I’m in prison. I definitely do not like the idea that I have to try and prepare and wolf down my breakfast in 15 minutes. I’m trying to find some other options. Any suggestions?

Anyway, I ordered the in house summer ale Orange Blossom Creme

It’s so light and zesty. The bride had a sip and said it tasted just like orange soda!

It took me forever to try and figure out what to order, but I really wanted to try the chicken apple pesto sausage pizza. And I’m glad I did. It was delicious. So interesting with the apples. Wish they were  bit crispier though, I love crunch! But the sausage was perfectly seasoned and I asked them to throw a bit of spinach and basil on top to green it up. Apparently they aren’t very heavy handed..

When the server was reaching across to put my friends pizza down next to me he accidentally knocked over my beer. There was only about 1/4 left but he was nice enough to give me a full one on the house. I love that it has clover honey too!

Then because we were talking loudly telling stories and making jokes one of the workers heard that someone was getting married so they served us with a complimentary slice of chocolate cake!

Then we went back to the brides house to work on some party favors for the bridal shower that was happening the next day.

Buffalo Bills has all these interesting beers. Next time I want to split the sampler and now that it’s August they have their pumpkin beer! I love pumpkin and can’t wait t try it. I missed it by 2 days!


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