Dream On

On Friday, I went to the doctors to get checked out for why I felt so crappy, got my inhaler and all that. But that night my mom, uncle and I (plus some of his friends and my boyfriend) had tickets to see Sammy Hagar and Aerosmith!

I’ve loved Aerosmith ever since I was a kid, so this was totally awesome. Thanks Uncle Jim! They totally rocked the whole fucking place. I was worried considering the drama that’s surrounded the band this year, but Steven Tylers voice shook me to the core. His screams grabbed my soul shook them and then made love to it. It was just fucking awesome.

His 2nd concert. He must be educated.

I had two white wines, and two puffs…..of my inhaler. Feelin’ cooooool.

Moms and my Uncle J, who was nice enough to treat us to a kick ass show. I had forgotten how much I love real rock n roll.


Setlist was…

Rats In The Cellar
Monkey On My Back
Love In An Elevator
Falling In Love (Is Hard On The Knees)
Eat The Rich
Livin’ On The Edge
What It Takes
Janie’s Got A Gun
Last Child
Lord Of The Thighs
Stop Messin’ Around
I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing
Sweet Emotion
Baby Please Don’t Go
Draw The Line

Dream On
Walk This Way
Toys In The Attic

A few things I learned that night.

  • I’d still do Steven Tyler
  • I’d do Joe Perry
  • They still got it
  • White wine is my friend
  • Must buy white cheetah print pants
  • I’m going to be Steven Tyler for Halloween.


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