I’m Alive…in Monterey!

So I don’t have a life threatening disease. I took off Friday work and went to the doctors. Guess what?! My asthma is back! Grrreeeaattt. After not having it for 10 years it comes back and rears it’s ugly and annoying head. So now I have an inhaler and a cold.

Things have been crazy busy this past week. Here’s a recap!

Last weekend, boyfriend, his friend and I went to the Monterey Bay Aquarium!

And I hatched out of a penguin egg!


Of course there was a strabucks run while we wandered downtown

Checked out the beach… and free samples of chocolate, garlic and chowder!

Stopped at one of the many candy stores where there was bricks of FRESH fudge mmmmmm…

Then a trip to our favorite candy store in the area to pick up some pumpkin fudge and taffy. We loooovvveee pumpkin fudge. The owner noticed my tattoo too! AND knew what it was from!

The we finally settled on a place to eat; The Fish Hopper. We were going to get a chowder bread bowl to share, but there were so many good things on the menu we went with the salmon with garlic mashed potatoes and great flavored veggies. We cleaned up all right! The salmon was perfectly cooked and seasoned.


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