Catch Up

It feels like forever since my last post, but lately I’ve been having low energy and just have been busy busy.

So a week in review,

Mondays Breakfast- some good oatmeal with fresh berries, minus the nut butter this time. Trying to cut back because I clearly have a problem!

Had some snacks throughout the week. I’m sad cherry season is almost done 😦 . Berries are my favorite thing of summer, that and corn. My boyfriend loves most types of melon, but I really don’t like any type.

Crackers and Nuts. I remember I went to a festival last summer and some crazy dancing guy was wearing a shirt that said I’m Going Nucking Futs! It makes me laugh out loud everytime I think think about it.

I came home Monday to find a surprise on my bed! A box full of AllieBars!

Tuesday’s breakfast.

MMmmmmmm pumpkin butter and raspberry jam in all it’s nook and cranny goodness.

Best snacks ever!

Then I made this bulger pesto dish. It was a lot more mushy than I thought it would be. I’m pretty sure I didn’t let it cook long enough. Regardless of it’s texture it tasted pretty good. I mean what doesn’t taste good with pesto? It had bulger, pesto, parsley, lemon juice, tomatoes and some edamame for protein 🙂 Oh! And some feta too!

Had with some chippies. I think I might form it into a patty and fry it to make a little burger.

Wednesdays breakfast?- Stawbs, blackberries (freshly hand picked by moi!), blueberries, and some Kashi cinnamon harvest with 1/2c vanilla yogurt sprinkled with cinnamon, cause you know, white people love cinnnamon.

Sans yogurt.


Wednesdays lunch. A favorite combo, and reiterating my nut butter problem.

Thursdays breakfast. I’m out of cheese/cream cheese so a repeat of jams and butters was in order, along with some Nuttzo and berries.

Then I had some lunch, before heading to my grandmothers complex pool with the boyf.

Lite N Fit with some TJs Low fat granola. Nice and cool on a hot day at work.

Sometimes he’s just too cool for me.

Then went to hot yoga. We had a substitute teacher and man it was 10x hotter and harder! I was sweating from my ankles and places that I never thought could secrete from!But when I came home I whipped up a salad, some of my bulger pesto mess, and mom made some potatoes and instead of sour cream I put some greek yogurt on them! I’m loving substituting greek yog. for sour cream!

That’s pretty much been my week 🙂


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