I’m Havin’ Pizza Tonight, Pizza Tonight

Full week of work this week. But after work got in a good 5 miles plus a yoga class!

Yesterdays dinner was so good. Grilled pizza on a pita! Roasted veggies (onion, zuchs, peps, mushrooms) with pasta sauce, pesto sauce, spinach and mozarella, ella ella, eh eh eh …

Threw that baby on the grill. My first time EVER using a grill by myself! Big girl status, with a pizza paddle.

Ooey gooey ready to eat.

Just look at that perfection on the crust. Cut into 1/4ths and then devoured.

Then this morning I had the usual oats, with of course some of my fresh blackberries and a tiny bit of nutzzo!

Little bit of slunch.

Only had a few almonds and cashews and about 10 chippies.

Then when I arrived home I had a package on my bed, Alliebars! I honestly think these are one of the best things I’ve ever snacked on. Now I know why she’s always eatin’ them, because they’re sooo good. I couldn’t wait until tomorrow so I had a nibble of a corner. Thanks Allie!


3 thoughts on “I’m Havin’ Pizza Tonight, Pizza Tonight

  1. melissa @ trying to heal says:

    hey girl! just got yur comment and yes, you can totally use the fresh berries in my bar! i suggest adding a bit extra liquid to the batter and layering them on top before mixing in as the batter is very dense and will smash them. let me know what you think!!! i hope you like them!!!

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