Be Launder

I didn’t get as much as I wanted to get done yesterday but made some headway. Got my sheets washed, went to the dog park, only have like 20 pgs left in my book!

I sent Allie a letter for her famous Alliebars, and look at the awesome stamps moms picked up. Even she thought they were cool.

It was a warm day, so Kodi ( I sometimes call her Kodilah or my little jewish princess ) was reeeaalllyyy tired.

For dinner I was set on trying my new Honeymoon beer. I thought pizza would go nicely. I heated up the frozen slice of zacharys pizza in the micro but it wasn’t that great, so I pitched the idea and had a repeat of the picnic in the park sammich with pickle on the side.

I know nobody likes an outfit repeater, but it’s just so good.

I spent dinner reading my new Diabetic magazine cookbook (so many easy good delicious recipies!). Oh I’m not diabetic… yet! Haha, but the food looks so good with simple ingredients that we actually have. And a few pages of my book.

This beer is delicious! I like it far more than regular Bluemoon. You can definitely taste the hint of clover ( I love honey!) Definitely going to be my summer beer. Next time, need orange slice.


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