Pleased in Pleasanton

Yesterday was a really good. I seemed to have started to crawl out of the funk. So far so good. Pretty good day at work, followed by a 3 mile run at the gym, 10 minutes on the bike and some arm and leg work.

The day all started with some Kashi Heart to Heart Cinnamon Harvest with yogurt, blueberries and my remaining fresh blackberries.

I love how after it sits for a while the cereal soaks everything up and becomes chewy like those pearls in peal tapioca drinks.

After the gym, I came home grabbed a quick shower and began preparing dinner for our little picnic in the park. We went inland to watch a free show and people watch with some sammies, fruit, wine, cheese and crackers. Perfection.

I made him a whole sammich and a half for me. Mine had hummus, pesto, lettuce, spinach, the tiniest piece of turkey, peppercinis, and pickles. His was the same minus the pickles and peps. Yummmm.

He has some pesto still from the market 2 weeks ago and made pesto cheesy toast bread. It doesn’t look great, but man does it taste good! I think we each had a slice, even though I couldn’t gauge because of 1. the wine 2. we both kept piecing it.

I brought some of my favorite gouda in tiny slices along with some original marys gone crackers and dr. krackers which I mostly ate because he didn’t care for the cheese too much.And some raspberry jam, which he liked dipping his sammich in a la thanksgiving.

He brought dessert! My favorite, strawberries. I love everything about them, except for the fact that they get stuck in my teeth. He also brought some chocolate chips in which he created the perfect way of eating the two.

Delicious. The band wasn’t great at all but we had a good time. By this point I think I had too much wine 😉

As we were walking back to the car and headed towards using the the bathroom at Round Table (it’s become tradition) we spotted a new candy store! Cupids Tooth. This was all bad. I wanted to buy and eat everything! Some young teen girls flirted with him as he bought a strawberry cowtail (apparently not that good) and I dipped my hungry hand into the chocolate covered cashews and cappuccino jelly bellys.

Then I left the wine bottle in the bathroom.

Came home. Passed out. Woke up and took a reading walk. I’m so close to being done with Eat Pray Love.

This was breakfast- whole grain english muff with pumpkin butter, dab of Nuttzo and low sugar raspberry jam.

Oh and I totally cannot find my cell phone! Even before we left last night so it’s been MIA for a while now.

Off to yoga and TKB.


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