Get R Done

Yoga was awesome, and then TKB totally kicked my butt! I stuck it through though. Then I went to Safeway to pick up a few things : yogurt, beer, curry powder. You know, the essentials 🙂

When I got home Kira and her family were walking passed on the way to the Buddhist church around the corner from my house. They have a festival every year. So mom and I followed a little later to try and meet them for lunch there but couldn’t find them. But we didn’t leave empty handed. We paroozed the food and silent auction visiting and looking at all the stuff they were selling. We walked away with a maki roll, 2 plates of Inari sushi, and a bara plate. Needless to say I had lunch when we got back home.

First some strawbs from the yard.

Check out the siamese/downe syndrom strawberry.

This roll is huge!

I had one piece to try

We got two plates of Inari sushi. They’re mostly for mom, I don’t think they’re that great.

And the mixed bara plate. I had 3 bites of this with my chopsticks ( which I think I’m going to use a lot more of these days)

Followed up with some nice cold yogurt and granola.

I have SO much to do this weekend, but I’m sad the boyfriend works alllllll weekend 😦

  • laundry
  • clean room
  • reorganize room
  • wash car
  • dog park
  • read
  • bookstore/target
  • pick up ring
  • petsmart to get beta!
  • bank deposit

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