I’m still in that funk. Feel a little better after going to yoga tonight. Tomorrow starts a new day.

I tried something somewhat new this morning for breakfast because my cream cheese went moldy. Gross! So I used a herb laughing cow cheese and some TJs raspberry jam. It was really good!

Then some trail mix to hold me over during my lunch, which is at 11! Who eats lunch at 11?!

I used to hate cashews, but now I absolutely love them. Dare I say they’re my favorite nut.

Then I had some cherries and strawbs with 3 marys gone crackers around 1:30 (my last break)

Got home after work around 3-330 after getting my oil changed and had a few chips with some hummus followed by a lite n fit with TJs low fat almond vanilla granola.

After that I hit up the dog park with the pooch and then took a reading walk before hot yoga tonight. I really needed it. I feel a little better, minus the somewhat crying during meditation (don’t get me started). But my mom went out for lunch at our favorite hole in the wall burrito place and brought half of it home. Seriously, these burritos are more than 5lbs and can’t even fit in a to-go box. So I cut myself off a decent portion and topped it with some greek yogurt. I just bought some yesterday for such a ocassion. It was perfect! Just like sour cream. Put a little spinach on the side because I realized I didn’t get any greens in today.

Dessert might be a bite of earl grey green tea chocolate or a bite of moms double chocolate ginger cookies! I need to cool it with all the sug.


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