Viva Las Vegas

Finally, the Vegas post. I went this past weekend with the bride, her sister, and one other bridesmaid. Mind you I have never been to Vegas in my life, so I was super excited. Ecstatic even. We left Saturday early afternoon and came back Monday early evening. I took Monday off of work and it was awesome.

At the airport ready to leave. I haven’t flown in YEARS!

The planes sure have changed since I last flew. I felt like I was in the future! There was so much entertainment on the plane, from music to movie to television.  By the time I got to looking at everything we were ready to land!

We arrived in Vegas just in time to watch USA lose the soccer match. But before that, as soon as I walked off the plane there were slots. I’ve never gambled in my life, so this whole trip I had a goal: gamble.

I was so excited to just be there. I could feel the vibes and cha-chings running through my body. It felt nice to get away. Now, I used to smoke. I smoked since I was 17, but quit over a year ago. I no longer have the burning urge all the time. Yeah I definitely know it would go nice with a beer or cup of coffee, but I don’t need it anymore. The only time now that I ever smoke is when I’m on vacation or it’s just necessary and justified in my own mind. This was justified because you could smoke inside! Everywhere! I had wanted to do this all my life, and took full advantage of it this weekend.

(don’t worry! It was just for two days! and now I’m back to normal 🙂 )

All the scenery is just so fun to look at! There’s so many people and fun things to do. There were 3 places that I had to hit : The Bellagio, Mirage, and MGM Grand. Thanks countless nights watching Oceans 11 every weekend during middle school.

My Oceans 11 Tribute.

What I came to see inside the Bellagio

Cher was performing at THE Cesars Palace! And I ❤ Cher. Here’s to being raised by a gay uncle.

Had a crapese wrap at Earl Of Sandwich

And then toured some more of the strip!

Then we had dinner and went to see the male strip show The Thunder from Down Under. It was incredibly cheesy and awesome, and I was incredibly intoxicated!

Honestly most of my time was spent at the craps table. The next day while they were watching the game or chillen by the pool  I was at the craps table. I spend a good amount of time there. I took a class in the morning for free just to understand and had an awesome teacher named Paul (from Oakland!). He was awesome. Then we all played at a lower buy in and then I just played for hours making friends, winning and losing money, smoking, and getting free drinks. That is what I came for. And it was everything I wanted it to be.

Our last night there we went out to dinner at a buffet. I’m not a fan of buffets, AT ALL, but I sucked it up.

Then we went to a few clubs and had a grand ol’ time dancing it up in the city of sin.

[note: what happens in Vegas… stays in Vegas!]

The aftermath

The other girls were out SUPER late the last night so they recovered the next morning lounging in chairs before we had to go to the airport. Meanwhile, it hit the craps table until we had to leave 🙂

But not before I had some Starbucks Oatmeal and a Pike Roast!

When I got home there was a note and a tiny little box on my bed. From the Boyfriend! He got me the ring I’ve been wanting for months! I absolutely, positively love him/ it!

It’s a mermaids tail that wives would used to wear to ensure that their sailors and fisherman would return home safely.

Now I’m all set for the long weekend!


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