Who Does That?!

Today at work I left my Tupperware in front of the toaster in the break room while my muffin was toasting. I walked away for literally 2 minutes to come back and find the top of my Tupperware is missing. Apparently people think it’s OK to take things that aren’t theirs and use them. This fool took my top, threw his CHICKEN breast on top and tossed it in the microwave! HELLO! It’s not yours! And that was for my muffin, not your chicken. I was wicked pissed at this guy ( who is new, but still! ) and had to go wash it out because he left lettuce on it and chicken juice. I even had to wash the main container out because he put his chicken in there first and then changed his mind! WHO DOES THAT?!

I didn’t get around to the Vegas write up. That’s the goal for tomorrow. I’m excited for the company party on Friday too! I think the boyfriend is coming. Breakfast was just an english muff with pumpkin butter with a side of assorted fruit. Lunch was a banana with Barney Butter and dinner was delicious!

I took some of the pesto the boy gave me and smeared it on some honey whole wheat bread from the market. On the other side I smeared some jalapeno/cilantro hummus. Then topped with peppercinis and spinach. Lastly I mashed some of the chickpeas from last night to give the sammich some bulk. It was so good!

It was a thick sammie! Paired with some iced tea, 1/2 pickle and some grapies!

On to the next!


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