Go Go Go

Today has just been non-stop. This is the first time I’ve sat down all day and I’m still doing something! Since my mom is gone I have to do all the house duties and take care of my dad and grandmothers. It gets tiring. Work was good, my tummy has been feeling off lately so it took me a good 3 hours to finish breakfast. Plus it was huge! I packed way too many berries. But they were delicious! I had 5 different fruits in 6 hours!

Overnight Oats

  • 1/3c oatmeal, almond milk, water, vanilla yog.
  • cinnamon
  • pinch of chia seed
  • ezekiel cereal
  • sprinkle of ground flax
  • raspberries, blueberries, blackberries
  • BARNEY BUTTER! (I picked up 2 jars yesterday at WF’s)
  • Crofters jam

My bowl was so full!

For a snack I had 2 strawberries, a handful of grapes and some Kashi cinnamon harvest cereal.

Went to the gym, which was rough because I didn’t feel well. Did about 3 miles on the mill and 10 minutes on the bike with a little arm and leg work. Slow and steady.  Then I came home and had a bunch to do. I’ve been wanting to bake, but first I had to clean up the kitchen, do dishes, make my dads lunch, dinner, put food away, bake, then MY dinner, shower, sort laundry and now I’m here!

But! I have been wanting to try these for quite sometime Vegan Black Bean Brownies

I was too lazy to use the food processor, but the recipe was super easy (good for me since I’m not the best cook)

They came out really well. After they cooled I cut myself a little square to taste. They’re super fudgey, my favorite kind. They have a strong banana undertaste, so I might use a bit more sugar instead of banana next time and add some nuts! Otherwise they’re great, you would never know they were black beans! My dad didn’t.

Then I wanted to do something nice for my co-workers in my department. So I made some breakfast muffins for them. They don’t eat too healthy, so I just used a package. They think I’m strange for the way I eat… and that I photograph it all 😉

My mom makes this crumb cake for breakfast sometimes and it’s awesome, so I will indulge, but these muffins are too huge for me! But I did lick the bowl clean.

Let’s just say the house smelled awesome when they came out.

I just picked off a bit of the cinnamon topping off 😉 Don’t tell my coworkers.

Then I finally had time to eat dinner. I just had a leftover spring roll that my mom brought home from another grad party this weekend. It was really good. It was filled with lettuce, some white noodle, shrimp and mint! The mint was such a surprise, but gave it just a little kick to make it more interesting. Only ate 1 half and 2/3 of the other half.

Then just paired it with a side salad for some green-age.

To drink I tried my new Honest T. I’ve never tried any of these before and have seen them on tons of bloggers sites so I picked one up. It was interesting, it initially tasted like juice, but then had a tea aftertaste. But I liked it. I was tiring of water with dinner so I will most likely have some with dinner tomorrow night too.

Now to finish Last Comic Standing while trying to make a meal plan for the week. Then Triple D’s!


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