Got 2 Minutes to Save the World

Alright I have 2 minutes to crank this out and then I have to get ready. To where you say? Boyfriend and I are going with his family to Great America for his mothers company picnic. Kind crazy, we went together last year too. My tummy’s been a little out of whack as of late, I think it’s all the sugar free gum I’ve been chewing. I’m hoping it evens out this afternoon so I can partake in some awesome coaster-idge.

Slept in a bit today, 7am! Crazy right. Drank a big glass of water because I knew I was somewhat dehydrated and then took off on a reading walk with the pup. Then came home cleaned up my car a bit and made almost the last of my Spring Blend 😦

Then after some e-mail checking and nonsense I toasted a whole wheat bagel and topped it off with a bit of Nuttzo, Crofters and Cream cheese. I seriously can never just pick one topping!

Part of me doesn’t want to get ready because there’s really good food TV on KQED this morning!


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