Catching Up

All day I have had that new Sara Bareilles song stuck in my head. It’s just so damn catchy. Today was an easy day. Aside from my headphones breaking at work it was good, I even almost enjoyed the joy of my coworkers listening to the world cup game of Mexico vs. France. Breakfast was simple. And apparently, I can never just have one topping now.

Whole grain english muff with pumpkin butter and raspberry preserves with a few strawbs.

After lunch snack. An AllieBar and some trail mix. Ate half of each.

Then for slunch it was some Dr. Krakers (Seeded spelt) grapes and a herb laughing cow. Oh and some fresh OJ that I forgot to drink this morning. Didn’t eat the pluot though. I know ya’ll are lovin’ the bag photos.

So I’m glad to be home with all my stuff and know where everything is. Drawback is obviously living at home. But I do miss this… my uncles had a Costco container of minced garlic. I think I used it in every meal I made. It was fucking awesome/convienient.

So I went shopping this past Sunday and finally let go of my buyers remorse. I get it real bad, but apparently not with groceries! Picked up this fabric flower I wanted last time I saw it. And FINALLY a pair of linen pants! I’ve wanted linen pants for the past 3 summers! And then this stripped tube top that I plan on wearing as a skirt. It wasn’t until laying this out that I realized that this all totally goes together.

Also in purchase news I’ve been wanting a pair of Jeffrey Campbell clogs (still do) but I passed Bakers Shoes and saw these in the window and all I could say was yes. yes. yes. But now I’m having second thoughts because my practical side is taking over… but I loooveee them!

Only drawback is they’re not as high as I usually like them, cause you know I like to be big foot status. Oh and surprise surprise the boyfriend surprised me with this dress before my race on Saturday morning! I LOVE LOVE LOVE it so much. It’s absolutely perfect, and entirely me.

Totally worn with a yellow & white striped sweater, vintage belt, and straw fedora.

Now off to yoga. But first to make a salad for when I come home a hot mess.


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