Plate 2 Plate

Seems every race I’ve done recently has the number “2” in it’s name. Anyway, this past weekend I did a 5k in the city where it ended inside ATT Park (where the SF Giants play!). I was really excited because I’ve loved baseball ever since I was a young girl, so I jumped at the chance of being ON the filed and crossing home plate. I almost changed my mind when I got there to do the half marathon, but am glad I decided against it. It was going to be way too hot and the price was seriously steep. I did this race alone but the boyfriend accompanied me for the ride. I’m glad he did. It was a gorgeous day. They also have a big fair going on near the stadium for the team so everything was all set up. Breakfast included 1/2 an english muffin with pumpkin butter and half an AllieBar, seriously I’ve been eating these like crazy they’re almost gone!

Early morning heat

Right before going into the stadium!

I actually did a lot better than I thought I would. I ended up at 23:17, with a 7:30 pace time! I was super proud of myself because I pushed it. Now the goal is a sub 23! When you run into the stadium we ran around the warning track and ended in left field, then waited to get our picture taken atop home plate. We got medals and when we crossed the finish line they announced our names and our faces were on the big screen! Then after taking the picture on home plate ( which they still haven’t posted up) they had at least 12 different breakfast items. I tried to grab as many as I could… oh! And I got a card for a free bloody mary for being a top finisher.

Mmm muffins

Team food

Let’s get real. Racing is fun, but so is the swag. Got a Giants foam finger, awesome running shirt, coupons, free Monster (grabbed a bunch for boyfriend) free granola+yogurt samples, lou seal bobblehead, medal and a few other goodies.

This guy has amazing balance for being hammered at 9am

Then later in the afternoon I accompanied him to his volunteer banquet where afterward I spotted a giant snake one of the trails! After that we went to my cousins to hang out and play a few drinking games with some amigos. And then reconvened for dinner at our favorite sushi restaurant.

Sticking with the San Francisco spirit we ordered the 49er roll- a California roll with salmon and lemon on top.

The lemon and salmon just kill it. It’s like buttah.

Now I must get some sleep! I have to be up in 4 hours.


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