I’m Back!

I’m finally back at home. I’ve missed having everything of mine around. Not having to drag everything from car to house to car to work and so on. I went for a super long run this evening. I wanted to do it in the afternoon, but I decided to switch things up (I’m trying to become more flexible with plans lately). I went for a run around 6pm. I made a new itunes mix called cruisin’ that includes a bunch of Sara barielles, Chris allen, Hanson (i know), glee, train, Sheryl crow, buble’ and a bunch of other mellow stuff with a steady flow.

Have you heard Sara’s new song? King of Anything. It’s amazingly catchy! I ran to it for a good 15 minutes on repeat.

But anyway, since the music was flowin’ I just kept going and ran a good 6 miles or so to my grandparents house. Luckily, they were nice enough to drive me back home afterward.

So when I got home I didn’t really have any food because I’ve been away and needed more than a salad, so I’ve had this box of Annie’s Mac N Cheese for 2 months and decided to make it.  On a local show called View From The Bay they had a ricotta kale pasta dish that looked really good. So I just threw some zipped kale in for the last 4 minutes of boiling and proceeded to top with garlic powder and pepper. It was delicious and satisfied my cravings. Plus, it’s an easy way to work in kale (it was my first time). It reminded me of when my dad was a kid and would put cheese on brocoli and tell me that anything covered in cheese tastes good 🙂

Workin’ in some greens. I love my new bowl!

Oh and here was breakfast. Overnight oats with  blueberries, blackberries and strawbs! Plus my first time using NuttZo in them! It was so crunchy and good. Not too sweet, which was good because of the fruit and cinnamon.

Now to try and watch a bit of Hot in Cleveland!


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