Off Day

Took the day off physically. I just didn’t want to drive all the way back to the gym since I am house sitting. But I kept it light today. Considering today a rest day, and just did my 20 minute walk on my lunch break. The rest of the day was spent catching up on business-y things and watering plants. At work we were audited by our biggest customer, so everyone was on their best behavior, but surprisingly in a good mood! Shocking! I had to keep everything hidden in my desk and sneak it like a mouse all morning. But for breakfast I had some good ol’ oats with PB, Crofters, Ezekiel Cereal, blueberries and some strawbs!

Then for slunch around 1:30 I had 2 Dr. Krackers, 3 cashews, 1/3 of a Laughing cow and this juicy plum I got for free at the market Saturday, it was absolutely perfect ripeness.


Then I made my dinner this morning and photographed it at 4:45 am because I didn’t think I would be taking the day off. But it was the most delicious salad with the best homemade dressing ever. I’m so thrilled my uncles have a costco sized jar of minced garlic!

Followed by a few glasses of pinot grigio… a few..

Hopefully I will get a good nights sleep for once!


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