Muddy Buddies!

My apologies for being a bad blogger. I have been SO busy and tired these passed couple of days. But you all know what was Sunday? Muddy Buddies! I have been looking forward to this race for months. It was unlike anything I’ve ever done before. EVERYONE was so nice and just out there to have a good time,which definitely felt good. The sun was shining and we were ready to rock n roll.

We had to wake up SUPER early to be there at 6am, but the race wasn’t even until 7:30! And they weren’t even set up until 7:15! Regardless I got to the boys house around 5 and we took off from there. I had a whole wheat bagel with some crofters for breakfast on the drive up. I was exhausted though because I had been up late the night before and the night before that too.

This is how early I was up!

The fog bowl over the bay while on the drive up the mountain.

We all got to register with a team name. We we’re Team Food!

I made my shirt the night before. Total cost- 6 bucks!


Boyfriend needed some spirit so we ties ribbons to his shoes and two on his arm. We put a few on the bike too (which totally helped me I.D. the bike during the race!)

I also put ribbons in my hair a la’ the ol’ softball days

The sun finally coming out over the mountain, gorgeous.

Then it was GO time! I don’t have any pictures of the race because it was just us two, but Go Carbohydrates!- my favorite food group 🙂

The race was so much fun! It was a 10K trail.  Boyfriend started the race on the bike and then 2 minutes later the running partners took off. I’m so glad he biked the first leg because it was ALL UPHILL!  I hate running up hill to begin with, but biking, that’s a different story. Then after each mile we would switch. He left the bike for me, or I left it for him. But after each mile there would be a little obstacle! Some of them included

  • a balance beam
  • rock climbing wall
  • army netting crawl
  • blow up climb and slide
  • and maybe another few I forget!

Then at the end we had to crawl through this huge mud pit that was like 3 feet deep! I could not stop laughing and smiling the entire time! I just wanted to roll around and play. He finally pulled me out and we crossed the finish line together. It was a great experience and I’m so glad we did it together. Here’s the aftermath!

There was mud everywhere! And I mean everywhere. My socks were so full of mud I just left them there. I was far more muddier than him, and because of the heat it already started to cake and dry!

There was mud in my mouth, my nose, hair, everywhere. And then my allergies got super bad for 20 minutes and I could not stop sneezing.

It took some convincing, but he finally gave me a kiss

They provided  “showers”, which were basically a shit-ton of hoses. So everyone just gathered around and hosed off. It was so cold! But they did provide Paul Mitchell shampoo! It actually worked pretty well, might have to check it out. Then we went back to check out the stragglers coming into the mud pit and the mini race for kids. Although one of those muddy munchkins bumped into me and got my clean shorts muddy! But check out the mud we had to crawl through..

We wandered around the grounds stockpiling post race snacks and free samples. We liked these snacks called Sommersaults. They were crunchy ( I LOVE crunch) and tasty. A nice light snack and semi- decent ingredient list, so I grabbed a sample of every flavor.

My favorite flavors were the salty pepper and santa fe salsa

Naturally I wanted to go into the post-race beer garden because they had FREE BEER!!! Who does that!? So we got in a long line, but one guy got 2 beers and then just passed through us in line, told us his story and gave us the extra! Perfect! The vibe was so good there.

Red Hook. Pretty good for being free. Only drank about half.

Then we watched the award ceremonies. We got 2nd place in our age group! Our time was 50:49. Not bad for the race being up hill and doing obstacles including a mud crawl. And not too shabby either considering I think my fastest 10K is 47 and some odd seconds. We even got called on stage and got medals!

After the race festivities we wanted to do something. We still had the whole day ahead of us because it was only 11:30. We thought of going to the beach, but the thought of being overly tired, most likely dehydrated and out in the hot sun turned us off. So we decided to get mexican at this restaurant I like… because they have the best sangria EVER.

We weren’t that hungry but needed to eat so we ordered an appetizer. We ordered the Tostadas de Ceviche which is described as,

“Fresh white fish marinated in lime juice and mixed with cilantro, jalapeños and onions,  topped with sliced avocado served over crunchy corn tostadas.”

It was very flavorful but hard to contain on the tostada. I wasn’t down for the fried tostada part, but you know I can’t turn down a good crunch. The avacado went really well with it was well.  But we weren’t too sure what white fish meant haha.

After lunch we went back to his house and passed out for a good 1 hr nap. Then I went home snacked some more, packed and am now house sitting for my uncles. It’s nice to be away from home. It’s so quiet. I love it.

I had so much fun this weekend!


2 thoughts on “Muddy Buddies!

  1. Melissa @ TryingToHeal says:

    I was totally going to do this race this year but my buddy backed out, thus did i! you did such a great job and it looks like so much fun! have you ever done the Pendleton mud run!? freak’n awesome if you ask me!

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