Eat. Pray. Live.

Happy Friday everyone! I can finally say that, and mean it. It feels so great not to be working 60 hour weeks. I had a lot t0 do today. Work was busy and hot. Then I went for a quick 3 miler along the trail, quick shower, slunch, and then off to the city. But first, at work this morning we opened up the door and this was my view.

Not a bad way to start a Friday at 6am.

Breakfast was just a multi-grain english muff with some pumpkin butter.

I also took a mid-morning snack today. Mom made chocolate walnut biscotti and it is so crunchy and crumbly, but not in that overtly messy way that it would fall into your coffee. I’ve always eaten it as a dessert, but I decided to live a little and dip it in my coffee. It was a good idea.

Then for slunch; I usually eat a slunch because I do some sort of workout/run an hour or so later and don’t want anything sitting heavy on the tums, I had some trail mix.

-Almonds, cashews (which we’re out of ), dried cran, and a few chocolate bits to satisfy my never satisfied sweet tooth.

Oh and two bites out of this Pecan Pie Larabar. I’m trying to try all the flavors. This one was pretty good. It had a peacan-y pie essence to it, but nothing special. If I recall, a bit tangy maybe? PB Cookie is still on top!

Then I went for that three-mile run. It was pretty sweaty but it felt good. I actually felt really strong and think my stride opened up due to the extra coffee I had today- I went and got a short coffee at Starbucks at the end of my lunch. I’ve read that it can ease the pain and soreness (basically mute it) while running. I totally felt that today. Not sure if I’d try it for a race, but I felt good.

Finally made my way to BART and hopped on a train to SF. In which I read a few chapters and fell asleep until I arrived downtown πŸ™‚

I was downtown to search for a jacket that the boyfriend and I saw a few weeks ago around Bay to Breakers time. He loved it and I wanted to get it for him then, but he wouldn’t let me. He hasn’t been able to stop thinking about it so I volunteered to go get it today. I really wanted him to have it, but I searched high and low and now luck. They even had another store about 10 blocks away and I went over there and still nothing. So afterward I just decided to meander around downtown. Walked into Urban Outfitters looking for this controversial shirt, but apparently it was not my lucky day. But I did find this one and totally wanted to buy it. I’d wear that to work alllllll the fucking time. Maybe I will go back or order it online.

I also found some dope ass sunglasses at H&M, but I have such bad buyers remorse that I couldn’t bring myself to buy them. Even the boyfriend told me to treat myself since I’ve been working really hard and have a little bit of spending money. But I just couldn’t do it without feeling majorly guilty. But if I would have treated myself I would have gotten a pair of these Jeffrey Campbells. I have been lusting over these for at least 3 months. Try andΒ  tell me these aren’t the shit.

I wandered around and it became later and later so I decided I needed some sustinance. In the Galleria there’s a really nice cafeteria with actual restaurants, silverware and dishes. I wandered up and down trying to decide one something to eat, but everything had meat! MEAT MEAT MEAT! There were of course salads but I didn’t want to get “just a salad”. There was a vegan place, but most of their food was asian and fried. I looked at mediterranean, because they had tabouleh, but it was pasty and saucy, unlike the grainy kind I like. So then I wandered over to this gelato stand where there’s always a line of people tasting and saw that they served crepes! So I finally made a decision and got a “southwestern”

Black beans, chipotle pesto, green onions, red bell pep, corn, some cheese, cilantro, and I even asked for him to throw on some red onion and spinach (he threw on a ton- I’m totally lacking in the green area!)

It was huge! Like the size of a clutch purse, but filled with nutrition-y goodness. So I only ate a little less than half and skipped the side salad because it tasted kind of funny.

It was delicious! The sauce, the veggies, the heat! Oh man, I’m so glad I have some for tomorrow too. Then I went and sampled a gelato. I tried the “Taste of Italy” flavor that was nutty and had a cherry taste. I was inspired to pick that one because I have been reading Eat Pray Love. They had so many interesting flavors and their display is very appealing.

After tasting the gelato I sat back down and did some sampling. I walked into a chocolatiers store and they gave me a free sample. It was OK, I’ve had WAY better dark chocolate for WAY cheaper.

Bristol Farms seems to be the ONLY place I can find Peanut Butter & Co. Products so I stocked up and got what I did last time, and the other one I wanted to try. I really wanted to get theΒ  spicy one to try, but at around 6 bucks a pop, there had to be a limit.

I couldn’t wait to try them so I sampled as dessert πŸ˜‰

It was closing time so I hopped on the train back home and kept reading. I’m falling for this book. Hard. I just finished the Eat part and moved on to Pray. I’ve always been a spiritual girl in the non-traditional sense, and my philosophic studies only furthered my curiosity. When she explains yoga and meditation in the first few chapters of that section I got tears in my eyes. I’m not even sure why. Maybe it’s because it was relatable? Maybe it was longing? Jealously? Happiness? All I know is that it touched me and I felt something shift inside me. And I can’t wait to keep reading.

“Desire is the design flaw”


4 thoughts on “Eat. Pray. Live.

  1. rarabeck says:

    Haha love the clogs πŸ™‚ These were in Vogue and are similar:
    And speaking of shoes…. did I spy Rainbows on ‘yo feetsies?!
    Oh, and Eat Pray Love is an amazing book. It really moved me, and I cried when I heard Elizabeth Gilbert speak at a talk she gave.
    So basically your post was filled with my favorite things and it made me smile πŸ™‚
    Have a great weekend girl!

    • chasingcasey says:

      Nice! They’re like a rip off of Chanels collection. Karl can make anything fashionable, even if they are clogs.
      They are! I got introduced to them in college and haven’t stopped since. They ARE the best ever! πŸ™‚
      You’ve seen her speak? How was that? I bet it was wonderful.
      Hope you had a good weekend too.

  2. dianabydesign says:

    What a gorgeous sky! πŸ™‚

    One thing I love about Florida is the gorgeous skies we get on an almost daily basis.

    That sucks you couldn’t find the jacket 😦 I hope you do soon! I hate when you see something then can’t find it anywhere, drives me nuts.

    Those jars of PB look more fantastic than the shoes, I gotta say! But I’m also sitting here starving πŸ˜‰

    I also love when books touch people that way. It further makes me love books πŸ™‚

    • chasingcasey says:

      Thanks, I hope I find it too, but I think it’s long gone. I got some other ideas up my sleeve though πŸ˜‰

      Those jars of PB are almost gone now. I can’t seem to keep a spoon out of them.

      What is your favorite book?

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