That Ugly Pretty

Yoga tonight was awesome! It was so freakin’ hot. It felt 2x hotter than normal, but I really needed to cleanse and stretch out. It felt amazing, and my uncle even made it all the way through. I told him that it was way hotter than normal, but he survived.

During the begining flows I felt something. I felt beautiful. As I caught glimpses of myself doing sun salutations, I thought, I like the way I am. I like the way I look. And that made me happy. I always seem to find myself beautiful, to myself, in the most strange scenarios. For example, I always feel great when I wear my glasses, or look a mess. When studying for finals in sweat pants and messed up hair I feel proud of myself. I guess it’s the actual self-realization that it’s what you mean to yourself that matters. Oh, and the whole beauty is on the inside thing too.

After working up a sweat (seriously ever pore in my body) I raced home to have some dinner. I needed some veggies and can you believe we’re out of lettuce. Blashphemous! So I decided to give one of these a try.

While this was warming up on the stove I munched on a piece of leftover corn, sans butter. It’s sweet enough.

Then I put about a cup and a half in my new bowl with a smidgen of shredded cheese and since we don’t really have crackers; a crumbled up pretzel stick.

It was suprisingly delicious! I’ve never had an Amy’s product before but have heard great things about them. And so far they seem to be true. The chili had the slightest hint of a bite to it and the beans and veggies tasted great. I just wish I woulda had some cornbread to go with it.

Oh! And my new bowl  from Crate and Barrel.Perfect size and color.

Time to hit the hay, I’m exhausted.


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