Memorial Day (Part Deux)

The rest of Memorial Day was nice. I returned my I-phone, mostly so I can buy my boyfriend a 1.yr anniversary gift. I can’t tell you what it is but when he get’s it hopefully next week I will! Plus, it’s just so expensive per month. My bill would be around 100 dollars. Ludacris I tell ya’.  So  now I’m back to my old janky phone that is so old it is a pay-to-go phone now.  After the return I had to find an ATT store to reactivate my old sim card.

After that whole mess I met up with moo (manfriend/the boy) at a local historic farm. They had free admission and I figured it would be a nice day to tool around. And it was.

Got to feed some animals. He liked oats just like me.

Walked on some stilts. I used to do this ALL the time when I was a kid. I know, I was THAT cool.

He got the hang of it after come practice. We did a potato sack race too! He won grrrrrr.

A really cool bird. The patterns and colors would make great fabric.

Then we sat in a field munching berries and crackers. Blueberry guts!

After the farm I went home to shower and then head back to his house for his family dinner. His mom BBQ’d pork ribs and made a bunch of salads, beanies, grilled garlic toast (yum) and some white corn. This is my leftover plate because I devoured the original one. I was hunnnnnngggrrry!

Everything was delicious. I even had one rib! It didn’t agree too well with me (it’s been a while since I’ve had that much meat) but boy it was delicious. I also love her salads because she puts pickles in all of them!

She also picked up an apple pie. We split a piece…and then licked the plate.

Happy Memorial Day!


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