Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

Like I mentioned before I went over to my grams to make her famous chocolate chip cookies. We used to make them every time I went over to visit her when I was a kid. We started off with one recipe and halfway through used another version. I was skeptical but it they turned out just great. All the women in my family are pretty particular when it comes to cooking, I think it kind of runs in the family. And! It totally explains why I’m such a fatty. I finally understand how much butter and sugar are in those things! It’s insane, but I can’t deny they’re my favorite and taste like my youth.

I rode over to her house a few miles on the speed machine. I have a loose peddle, but my bike is European and just like their electrical sockets differ, so do their tools they use!

The essentials

That’s all butter and sugar! Gasp!

Then my favorite, the oats

And chocolate chips and a ton of walnuts. My family loves nuts… because we all are.

I ate SO much of the dough you have no idea. I at least ate 5-8 cookies worth, not including the 4 I ate AFTER they were baked.

After all that dough, I needed some H2O to wash it all down. I loved her glasses, they just felt colder than regular glasses.

They turned out absolutely perfect.

And she let me take most of them home. I was a happy camper. Thanks Gram! They even fit in my backpack on the way home.

When I got home mom was making dinner. Roasted veggies, potatoes and some pesto chicken. I’ve been trying to steer clear of meat lately. I just don’t really want to eat it anymore. So I have it very occasionally. Kind of like a treat. But here’s all the veggie goodness.

Zucchini, mini eggplant, and potatoes

And cherry tomatoes

My plate. Multiply the zucchini by x2 and the tomatoes too. I had to try some of the chicken, I LOVE my moms homemade pesto sauce.

I took a piece of everything on my plate and put it on my fork like a fork kabob. Best last bites ever.

And then I passed out around 9:45 😉


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