Team _______

Yesterday manfriend and I went for our hike. We went up to mission peak which is about a 5 mile hike. The weather was gorgeous. So nice that I actually wore shorts. I haven’t worn shorts since, well I fell asleep last night, but in public, I can’t even remember. We spent the whole way up talking about what to make for dinner and brainstorming team names for Muddy Buddies.

You could see the whole bay crystal clear. From SJ to SF.

It’s a really nice trail and definitely has some decent inclines (re: the whole way!). On our way we ran into a friendly squirrel.  We were thinking maybe Team Squirrel-butt?

Almost to the top. Man, my butt was gettin’ sore.

And we finally reached the top. The view was amazing. They have this point at the very top that everyone writes on. This is the 2nd time we forgot a pen, and I totally thought of bringing one before we left, but forgot AGAIN!

Clearly I need a tan.

I didn’t get that much of a lunch before we left so I ate a PB Cookie Larabar on our journey. It gave me the strength and energy to do this!

I kiinnnddaa like him.

Ok, well maybe a lot more than like.

All in all we had a great day out in the sunshine.


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