Miss Crabapple

Well, we were going to make dinner but it got late, my mom was in the kitchen, and she was going to make crab risotto. I love risotto and after our argument, I just ate some with her and went back to manfriends house after, bringing him a taste of course.

I had to get some greens in. Super Simple Salad (SSS)

– romaine, green onions, bell pep. with some light italiano

Then a little dish of the crab risotto. I absolutely love the consistency of risotto, that and the fact that it’s just so warm that you can feel it resonate in your throat and stomach afterwards. But not in that uncomfortable way.

It was really good, but not as crabby as we both would have liked, but still yummy.

Had it with some wine that she used to make it with. We ended up finishing the bottle!

Then I headed over to manfriends house where we proceeded to lay in bed and finally watch Avatar. It was really good, but REALLY long. Because of the wine I started falling in and out of sleep around the 1:30 mark, but then woke up to finish it out.

It was a real good night 🙂


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