Golden Coast

Woke up this morning with Katy Perrys new song stuck in my head. Then went for the usual Saturday morning walk. I don’t know why people think it’s weird that I can read and walk.

It’s such a nice day out. Manfriend and I are going for a hike later this afternoon. Tryin’ to get that Vitamin D/ Tan!

Mornings breakfast. Green tea with whole wheat bagel and every spread under the sun : barney butter, pumpkin butter, cream cheese!

I have been craving pancakies all week, but I didn’t know if I’d be making breakfast for the two of us in the morning ( highly unlikely because he doesn’t do breakfast, but I left the option open) cause if so I’d make pancakes. If not, I’m goin’ for some omelette action and pancakes on Monday because I have the day off!

Off to yoga!


One thought on “Golden Coast

  1. Running on Faith says:

    i am excited to find another bay area blogger! i am in the east bay too and it’s always refreshing to make new connections. yay for 3 day weekends! i’ve met a couple bay area bloggers, but there is always room for more 🙂 shoot me an email if we want to coordinate something. i loved your post about drinking wine and talking troubles…such a release!!

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