3 Day Weekend Starts…NOW

Yesterday was a pretty busy day. Work, gym, then rush home to shower, pack a light dinner to take and watch SATC with my girlfriends. But first, I had a huge orange and 1/2 a whole grain english muffin with Crofters spread for breakfast. Nut trail mix for snack and this for lunch.

-4 1/2 Dr. Krakers, those fava beans I made the other day, Laughing Cow Light (LOVE these now!) and a few homegrown strawberries.

Now at work, since I work in manufacturing, no one really dresses up. I also have to wear a smock (because my boss is a hard-ass like that). So I don’t really feel a need to present myself in any matter. Sometimes I think I even look like Tim Lincecum with my beanie on allllll the time.

Not THAT proud I look like a dude all day, but at least he’s cute.

After the gym I showered and got ready for Kira to pick me up to go see Sex and The City. Then we swooped up Heidi and made it to the theater just in time. We went to an older one to avoid the crowd (another sign I’m getting old).

Note to self: hair down even if it’s wet.

The movie was whatever. I wasn’t expecting much. Heidi put it perfectly, just a bunch of eye candy. And boy was it. There was hints of a plot and storyline, but let’s be honest, the first one was way better. It was just gratuitous. Although it did have its moments of relatability with a few characters. A FEW. Any who, afterwards Kira and I dropped Heidi off at BART to go to her boyfriends and her and I went to a local wine bar, Vida y Vino. I’ve always driven passed it and have wanted to check it out, but the fact that it’s in a strip mall… next to a citibank and nail salon has always stopped me. Not to mention it’s across the way from and OLD NAVY. AN OLD NAVY!?

So Kira and I decided to bitch about life, love and troubles.

I got swindled in to another glass so multiply this by x2.


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