Fava Finger Discount

Don’t hate, you know you love the wordplay.

The final went alriiiggghhttt today. Probably the most ill prepared I’ve been for one in a while. But I wasn’t stressing too much. At work today the Presidents helicopter flew right over us. Everyone rushed outside to see it; it reminded me that even THEY are human. Cause ya know, we get treated like robots.

Was not paying attention this morning for photos as I snuck every chance I had to study while at work. But breakfast included

  • whole wheat bagel one half spread with pumpkin butter, the other with light cream cheese.

Then I took off for my final. Got to class and had some last-minute brain fuelage to get them gears going. Couple almonds, cashews, baking chocolate bits, and dried cranberries. Oh yeah.

Afterwards I hit up the gym. Surprisingly my leg was feeling great! When the boy and I did Bay to Breakers, we got free samples of Salonpas. I’ve never used them until the back of my left knee recently started acting up. I used one the night before last and it held up OK during kickboxing last night. But the one I put on last night I left on a lot longer (right before my workout) and my knee didn’t bother me at all! Because I got all this done..!

  • 5.75 miles on the mill (6.3-8.0 @ 5% incline)
  • 10 min. on the master
  • 20 minutes arms, legs, and a weeeeee bit of abdominals.

Then I ran some errands before heading home for a lunch. PB (which I haven’t had in weeks because I’ve been obsessed with my Barney Butter) with banana, a few chips and some of that new awesome cilantro jalapeno hummus.

Since I had time to make dinner tonight, I wanted to use some of the veggies I picked up this weekend.I made some brown rice and while that cooked I tried my hand at fava beans. I looked up how to use them and just decided to get them out of their pods and blanche them. I think I’m just going to use them to snack on because I only got a few, not knowing what to do with them yet.

Tell me this does not remind you of Ace Ventura (one of my all time top favorite movies)

prep work

Crushed garlic, red pepper, peas, onions, soy-dog, salt n pep

On top of some brown rice. I busted out the Guldens brown mustard, cause let’s get real, I haven’t had any type of “dog” since forever. P.s. It made me helllllla full.

I really want dessert, but am waiting until the weekend. I think I’m going to my grams house to make our famous oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. Which means I’m totally just going to eat all the dough.


One thought on “Fava Finger Discount

  1. dianabydesign says:

    LOL, I love your Ace Ventura reference!! Those movies will forever be in my favorites.

    I am so jealous of you not having sore legs! 😉 I did a workout with my friend that was just lunges and squats and I honestly want to DIE! I’ve never had the entire part of my leg (literally, there is no unsore spot) from the knee up in pain.

    & I am so desperate to try pumpkin butter. Yum!

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