Belated Birthday


As I mentioned before, last weekend I went out for my bffs birthday. There was a bunch of people there and it was a great time. I hope she had fun. We all had fun dancing and boozing it up. I only got one drink and me and manfriend split a small Kamikaze that my good friend Kira got us. Anywho, not that it matters here are some pictures from the night!

My best friend in the whole world, her boyfriend (who I look like I’m going to prom with), me and my boyfriend.

Her boyfriend got her a tiara to wear all weekend. I think a tiara works with any outfit. Can you believe we’ve known each other since the 7th grader?! Strictly OG status.

Tomorrow her and I , along with my other friend Kira are going to see Sex and The City. Got my tickets and everything already! I’m SO excited. I hear the movie is awful, but lets me honest SJP share a long narrow face and a love for fashion. And get with it, it’s about the clothes anyway.

Are you excited or totally over it?


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