I am STILL full from the wedding. This is all I could manage to eat for pretty much the first 12 hours of Monday!

Pike Roast… tryin’ to get things going…

Notice the little bear in the back? Manfriend drew hime for me for Christmas. He’s a Panda!

I gave most of my orange away to my coworkers. I was still uncomfortable this morning, but managed what you see orangewise and a slice of flax bread with razz jam.

Didn’t really have lunch or anything. Hit up the gym, but am still injured in the back of my left knee. But I got in

  • 4 miles
  • 15 min. on the eliptical
  • 10 min biking
  • 10 min mountain climbers
  • and 15-20 minutes weights.

Stopped at Costco and TJ’s before heading home. And switched up the hummus game. Cilantro Jalepeno is the shit. It has the perfect amount of kick and flavor that’s a nice change from regular hummus.

My package finally came! Ulta has been sold out of my shampoo for 3 weeks in store, online and even the company website is sold out! Luckily I found some on amazon and it finally arrived 4 days earlier than expected. This shampoo is great. It hydrates my hair without weighing it down while fighting the frizzball that I am.

I went to yoga tonight to try and help my leg. It feels a little better, but still hurts even to walk. Again, I’m STILL FULL, but know I need some nutrients so I mixed up a SIAB.

  • ice
  • kale (1st time ever using it!)
  • spinach
  • banana
  • strawbs
  • blackberries
  • 1 spoonful yog
  • splash of almond milk

Topped with 1/4 cup Vanilla Almond (sans almonds) Galaxy Granola

Now it’s time to try and pick up this mess of a room and study for my final Wednesday >.<


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