An Indian Wedding Affair

As I mention yesterday I was off to a wedding. My mom’s a florist so she did the flowers for her friends daughters wedding. It was at a nice winery about 40 minutes away. Indian weddings have a verrryyy long ceremony, so since we had to set up we only caught the last half hour. It was such a fun time. My mom and I had a good time drinking (open wine/beer bar!) and eating indian food. Indian food is my favorite!

This was the view from the main building.

Obligatory outfit shot.

  • TJMaxx dress (hella old),
  • Vintage belt
  • Nine West wedges
  • Random tights
  • F21 double cross ring

Me and Moms after setting up, I don’t know why the photo turned out like this. Bummer!

Towards the ceremony. Congrats to Veena and Josh.

Then it was cocktail hour! I behaved myself not going crazy on cheese n crackers. Especially since there was free wine! I had one whole wheat cracker, stem of grapes, 1pc. pepperjack, cheddar, and dill.

It was SO windy while we were waiting to be seated inside. The whole reception was to take place outside but thankfully it got moved inside because of the wind. Hence the hair…

Appetizers! This was chickpeas, potatoes, and a yogurt sauce. It was DELICIOUS! I could have just eaten 10 of those plates.

I also had one of these little fried lentil patties.

After munching, drinking and waiting the reception finally started. I was ready to eat.

The people were all very nice to talk to. After chatting and waiting they finally called our table to the buffet. Indian food. Buffet. It’s a wrap. I’ve never eaten so much in my life. And the bride was a vegetarian so everything was safe to eat 🙂

I got EVERYTHING they offered. I’m not sure what all of it was, but it was all delicious. The rices, the chana masala, sweet curried veggies, the peppers and onions, the yogurt bread/potatoes and the naan was incredible!


Then after literally stuffing myself with the best food I’ve ever tasted, it was time for the dessert buffet! I hopped on that train so fast. They had at least 10 different cakes to choose from including this indian carrot dessert that I tried and really liked as well.

I tried to get as many different ones as possible. Mom and I were to share this plate. I got…

  • greek wedding cake
  • german chocolate cake
  • carrot cake
  • chocolate chip cookie
  • this chocolate pudding raspberry cake that was godlike
  • and I think a few others 🙂

Mom and I split the whole plate, but I think I definitely had a bit more. Considering I finaggled all the chocolate chips out of that cookie and after the woman sitting next to me left, I finished the icing off her german chocolate cake and half of her greek wedding cake!


This was our party gift. A little bag of almonds. Cute, tasty and re-usable. I’m alllll about it.

Moms and I had a great time at the party and I think she had a good birthday. Needless to say I was uncomfortably full (still am!) and that belt came off ASAP once we got in the car. Then we rushed home only missing the first 15 minutes of the LOST finale. It was OK, I guess. BLERGH. At least my Tuesday nights are free now!


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